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“The special forces and CIA guys in Afghanistan at the time Bergdahl defected, and ever since then came under extra close scrutiny by this administration and were given regular polygraphs during all this time. Can you imagine your government doing this to you?” –Pentagon official

“They threatened the military careers of the soldiers who knew the truth. They threatened the military careers of us in the Pentagon. We were told that we could ‘be thrown in Leavenworth to rot’ by mysterious voices calling from restricted numbers. They would make threats about ‘what might happen to’ our families or friends in the military or Pentagon. It was like the Mafia.” –Pentagon official

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“To really understand the threats we received, you only have to look as far as what this White House does to those who dare contradict it. They go right to destroy mode. They use the IRS to destroy opponents, as we’ve seen in the recent IRS scandal. They use the NSA to spy on regular citizens; you don’t think they’ll spy on us in the military? Hell, they think they own us.” –Ron

“I and my entire family were audited by the IRS. It was suspicious and devastating. They scared us all so much. They levied fines on us without cause and tried to seize assets. We believe they did this only because I knew the truths about Bergdahl. Is this tied-in to the bigger current IRS scandal? I’m certain it is.” –Jimmy
“What the American people really don’t know is the awful extent to which this White House and President has been going around threating anybody involved in any of the real scandals he’s instigated. If journalists Bob Woodward, Ron Fournier, and former Clinton’ White House official Lanny Davis are being threatened, can you imagine what this President will do, the lengths he’ll go to, to silence soldiers, our military, or ordinary citizens?” –Pentagon official


“It’s commonly known in the military, that this White House did the same things post-Bergdahl that they did post-Benghazi. They attempted to scare and silence us using the same tactics. So much is there a connection that there’s now an informal group of ex-military and intel service guys who are in touch and talk about the similarities in the two scandals and the fact that we must all speak out and blow the whistle on this administration.” –Ron

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“The use of their lapdog news media in America has been one hallmark of the Obama administration. When they can’t contain a scandal and their lies start coming out, they simply instruct the media not to cover these stories. Once they have the news media actively covering up their scandals, then they use the media to smear the whistleblowers and truth-tellers. This is one central reason the three of us can’t speak out under our own names–Obama’s media apparatus will try to discredit, then destroy us.” –Pentagon official
“The troops know that this news media loathes us. Sure, on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, you’ll see the occasional news story about the military or veterans; but they serve the President more than anybody. We know they are against us whenever they try and discredit us as we’re telling the truth. Not only do the Obama’ press actively support this administration politically, but they are sent out to destroy anybody who speaks out or has a differing viewpoint.” –Ron

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