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“None of us wanted to speak out initially because we thought that would be betraying our country and working against our President. But we come to find out that that’s exactly what we need to do now; blow the whistle.” –Jimmy

“Most military personnel know they can’t go around talking about sensitive military information. The Special Forces operators and CIA know this and feel this especially. But we’re not talking about an advanced new weapon here or some current battle strategy. We’re talking about government corruption and the deliberate misleading of the American people. And our troops are dying because of this. We need to speak out and tell the truth, whether it’s classified or not.” –Ron

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“Does anybody else … anybody? … see the irony and hypocrisy that this White House sends us out to fight for and get injured or killed for our American liberties and then at the same time, makes us sign NDAs, gag orders and take polygraphs about what should be the single most important right: Free Speech? It’s an outrage.” –Pentagon official

Bowe Bergdahl


That’s right Bergdahl … hang your head in shame.

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Relentless Bill Robinson’s Wikipedia Bio can be found here. Taking a keen interest in Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Politics, Bill is also the author and writer of “The Relentless Conservative” column on The Huffington Post. He recently began writing the new “American Hero Stories” column on HuffPo because he believes that none of us has enough respect for our brave US military and their families.

Bill lives in New York and has written columns, articles and cover stories for Fortune Small Business, The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Financial Times,, The Moscow Times, United Airline’s Hemispheres Magazine and Upside Magazine, amongst many others. He has appeared frequently on CNN, PBS, Bloomberg, BBC World and had his own segment on SKY News. Bill’s “TechScape” column in the The Huffington Post has won broad accolades and his “On Location” columns for Upside won multiple prestigious ASBPE awards and gave him an understanding and love of global technology.

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