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“Some people just think that this White House is hapless and incompetent. It’s far worse. They’re doing these things because it’s part of their bigger plan. They’re doing or not doing these things in Libya, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Egypt and all around the globe purposely.” –Pentagon official

“For decades now, the US government’s strict policy was that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. What this Traitor Trade really did was ruin any chance that wounded and captured American soldiers can ever say again to their terrorist captors, ‘The American government will never negotiate with you for me.’ I believe the last time we might hear that being said when it was absolutely true, is when the wounded and captured soldier said that to the Somali terrorist in the movie, ‘Black Hawk Down.’ A lot of Americans will be taken hostage, tortured and held for ransom as a result of this trade by Obama.” –Pentagon official

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“I’m afraid this President has worn out his welcome with our American military. After Benghazi, the VA scandal and now this ‘Traitor Trade,’ most feel we can’t trust him anymore. What he did and didn’t do with the VA hospital scandal speaks volumes about his loyalties. We owe our veterans everything, but he doesn’t agree. He doesn’t care about the military, so he harasses them into secrecy on Benghazi and Bergdahl. He doesn’t like war, so he sends more troops in with less money and weapons, getting more killed. And, he wants to crow about a success in the face of mounting, self-inflicted scandals all across the board, so he trades five of the world’s worst murderers—whose only life goal is to kill Jews and Americans, just so he can have a Rose Garden’ celebration.” –Pentagon official

“We at the Pentagon, the military officers, civilian employees; and certainly the military officers and troops in the field risking their lives, feel betrayed. We feel betrayed by this President. Do you have any idea how it feels to feel betrayed by your Commander-in-Chief? We also feel betrayed by Secretaries Clinton, Panetta, Gates, Napolitano and John Brennan, General Petraeus, too. More than those people, we feel a serious betrayal by Secretary Kerry, as a former military serviceman. And perhaps the worst betrayal of all, we feel was by Chuck Hagel. Hagel, who won two Purple Hearts in Vietnam was supposed to protect us and lookout for us. He was supposed to know how we felt and stop those in this government who were hurting us in Benghazi, with the VA, by cutting military spending and with this absurd Bergdahl’ trade. Instead, he seems to have dementia and be a sock puppet for this WH.” –Pentagon official

“We’re just so disappointed in our government. That they would treat us, our brothers in arms and our veterans like this is indefensible. Lying to the American people is also not allowed. There’s no excuse and they must be stopped. Our Founding Fathers would be storming the White House.” –Ron

After years of threats, Benghazi, the God-awful VA scandal, the roundly-mocked West Point speech and any number of other proof that this government actively despises our American military, the American people have had it. The US military members and their families have no love lost for the White House, this President or the departments of State and Defense because they feel cheated, disrespected and lied to while they also feel like they’ve been led to their deaths in many instances. This is why, I think the Pentagon official and soldiers are coming forward now–they’ve had enough.” –Pentagon official

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