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Knowing Bergdahl, Part Five: “Bergdahl And Benghazi–The Stunning Similarities”

Part 5 of a 6-part exclusive that reveals the truth about Bowe Bergdahl


Editor’s note: In case you missed it, read part 1part 2part 3, and part 4

Author’s note: As much as possible, I have refrained from editorializing and let these compelling quotes speak for themselves.

“We can’t understand why our country would deceive us and the rest of America like this. It’s just unbelievable.” –Jimmy

“I wish there was a way to forgive this government for what they’ve done to us. I’d like to be able to think that the White House was sacrificing us for a bigger national security success. But they’re not. They’re only interested in themselves, winning elections and the retention of power.” –Ron

“We all want Bergdahl prosecuted and executed. He cannot be allowed to get away with this.” –Jimmy

“There’s no doubt whatsoever remaining, in the minds of most American military and Pentagon personnel, that this President and his political allies, hate war. They’re running away from every post-9/11 conflict which were started because 3,000 Americans were killed on that day 13 years ago and our country was under attack. So it’s clear they hate war and by extension, they actively hate our military.” –Pentagon official

“To us, it’s treasonous to conduct secret meetings with the Taliban in Germany and Qatar in 2011 as this administration did, right before the election. If the American voters had known that our President and his staff were having ‘peace negotiations’ with our Taliban enemy and had shifted the negotiations to releasing terrorists for Bergdahl, what do you think the voters would’ve done? Voted in a new President, that’s what.” –Pentagon official

“Few people know that Bergdahl’s father was directly communicating with the Taliban to get his son released. He was sending top Taliban terrorists messages with the Quran quoted and of course, changed his appearance to look like a fellow Muslim. Hell, he also sent a coded message through to the Taliban from our Rode Graden. This is also treason.” –Pentagon official

“What this government has done with Bergdahl, is eerily like Benghazi. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Americans are killed in a faraway place. The news media is all over it for a few days or a week or two. Obama comes out and says he’s outraged and the perpetrators will be found or toots his own horn as a hero. And then nothing happens until the next scandal pops up. In Bergdahl’s case, Obama tried to play the hero by ‘bringing our hero home.’ But as we’ve already proven, Bergdahl’s a traitor committing treason. The final similarity is in the cover-up that follows both Bergdahl and Benghazi. That’s what the American people really need to know about, look at and get angry about.” –Ron

“They’ve been cutting budgets to our military and VA since 2009, while overspending on their pet projects like Planned Parenthood, Solyndra, Obamacare, open borders and food stamps. I guess they think our soldiers, seamen, marines and airmen don’t notice that they loathe us and use us only when it benefits their political schemes. Well, they do. And we in the Pentagon know where all this government’s skeletons are buried. And they stupidly treat us like dirt? We want the American people to know the truth now.” –Pentagon official

“Just like Benghazi, Panetta was a puppet-master as the Secretary of Defense, leaking info and lying about the facts in both Bergdahl and Benghazi. Everybody at the Pentagon despised that man and his Communist affiliations. We’ve fought Communism for decades and to have Panetta come in here and start giving orders was a real insult to our sacrifice.” –Pentagon official

“The way the Obama administration has used the liberal news media on both Bergdahl and Benghazi is shocking. First they use the media to mislead and misinform the American public about the facts. Then they have the media lie about who the bad guys and good guys are, reversing their roles and brainwashing. Finally, they use the willing media to smear those trying to tell the truth about what they’re doing. It sinister, immoral and flat-out wrong.” –Jimmy

“This government we find ourselves under, has been supporting the terrorists everywhere they go. Think about it? We deposed an Israeli-friendly Mubarak in Egypt and the President and Secretary of State were broadly quoted as excitedly supporting Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. That didn’t last long. We screwed up with Ben Ali in Tunisia. We looked ready to get Assad out of Syria but Obama couldn’t pull the trigger after the Benghazi atrocity—he was literally afraid. Every single mess in the Middle East was created by Obama and Hillary and their blundering. When we helped engineer the deposing of Gadhafi in Libya, look what we ended up with? Four dead Americans including the first ambassador in three decades and we’d given a ton of weapons and training to America’s arch enemies.” –Pentagon official

“Benghazi was all about Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s big training camp there in Benghazi at the CIA annex and elsewhere in the area. The CIA annex had a top-secret NSA listening post with the latest technology. They had a gigantic warehouse there with weapons (like MANPADS—man-portable air defense systems) for Al Qaeda-linked terrorists they thought would take out Assad… they thought this terrorist proving ground was a brilliant masterstroke to use and train their own little band of terrorists, provide them with American weapons and ship them over to fight against Assad in Syria. Right alongside Al Qaeda in Syria. Only problem was, they were being played by Al Qaeda. Both Clinton and Obama were giving the orders through Defense and State to do this; they actually thought this was a good idea. Nobody ‘can figure out’ what our Ambassador was doing there that night? Let me be clear: Chris Stevens was there because of the training camp and advanced weapons deals involving Stinger missiles. He was directly involved and was Hillary’s point man for the black op. Instead of being an ambassador, Stevens was an arms dealer for terrorists. Can you imagine? In the Pentagon we all knew it was a bad idea and would backfire… the training camp was designed and built to train American-hating lunatic Libyan terrorists, train them with Stinger missiles and other advanced ordinance to ship to Syria. What do you think the ‘CIA annex’ was? So when we heard about our Ambassador and other Americans killed there, we all knew Obama and Clinton had screwed up and lied to the world about it. We couldn’t believe arrogance and cruelty with which the both lied to the families of the dead at Dover AFB and on a continuing basis. It was dreadful.” –Pentagon official

“The Libyan terrorists who this administration thought could be turned into fighting rebels in Syria, were playing Obama and Clinton for fools the whole time. They never intended to be trained to fight in Syria. They always planned on getting their training from the ‘brainless Americans’ and get our advanced weapons, only to then go fight in Iraq and beat us at our own game there by taking back Iraq, its oil fields, banks and weapon stockpiles to create a caliphate across all of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Jordan is next to fall. Once they do that part, then they incorporate the rest of the Middle East by folding in Egypt, Yemen, Qatar and taking Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and rest of the oil-rich countries to finance their final destruction of Israel.” –Pentagon official

“It was well-known at the Pentagon because we were involved in this administrations dangerous activities all along, that the released terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was in Libya during the training and had cooked up this gigantic con of Obama and Clinton, who were so naïve and trusting it was unbelievable. They both had no understanding whatsoever that these people wanted to kill Americans and Jews. They were clueless.” –Pentagon official

“And now we have Obama to thank for running our troops out of Iraq so quickly and then, arming, training and allowing ISIS to take over Iraq headed by al-Baghdadi, who’s now the inheritor of Osama bin Laden’s killing machine. It’s ridiculous.” –Pentagon official

“Right after Benghazi, Panetta came in irate and wanted an immediate inventory of all the weapons lost to the terrorists in Benghazi. I’m told he grimaced and then held his head in his hands when he received it. Then he told Obama, Clinton and the others who went absolutely ballistic on the Pentagon and the CIA. As if it was our fault and not theirs. They’re master scape-goaters. Remember, they had an election to steal and this scandal had to be hidden so they could successfully steal another four years from the American people. And if the people had known the truth, Obama would’ve lost in a landslide to Romney. So they would tell any lie, blame anything on anybody else and rob, cheat or steal anything to win that 2012 presidential election. So they did.” –Pentagon official

“And then you have the big lie about ‘bringing those responsible for the killing of our ambassador and three other Americans to justice.’ The Pentagon, CIA and the entire administration knew Ahmed Abu Khattala was the leader of the Benghazi attack and murders, we knew it from the start. We were training him and his lowlife terrorists under orders from the White House. The ‘video and spontaneous demonstration’ were rashly thrown together to lie to the public, while this feckless government scrambled to figure out where the terrorists we had just trained at the CIA annex in Benghazi had gone with the weapons and Stinger missiles. There were hundreds and hundreds of those, which can now be turned on Americans and Israelis all over the world. They can easily blow a passenger airliner out of the sky, it only takes one. Now that they’ve turned up in Syria and Iraq, people are shaking with fear in Washington and the Pentagon.” –Pentagon official

“So the Obama administration purposely kept the fact secret that they knew Khattala to be behind the Benghazi disaster, while Khattala spent almost two years hanging out in Benghazi hotels with journalists and played the ‘rock star terrorist’ among adoring Jihadis. Word is now, that they’ll be capturing him with special operators and bringing him back only because they need another ‘military win’ to keep the scandals from catching up with them and shift the American’ public’ attention to another apparent Obama success.” –Pentagon official (Ed. Note: The above quote was spoken on June 1st, 2014 weeks before Khattala was captured by US forces.)

“The dirty trick this White House has sprung on America with regard to Khattala is the same d**n thing they did with Bin Laden: they knew where these terrorists were for months and years but saved actually capturing them for a time that was better politically for them such as an election or when a scandal was hurting their poll numbers. We in the U.S. military think that’s treasonous. You get them, when you can get them, not after.” –Pentagon official

“Nobody who doesn’t have top secret security clearance, knows about the killing of Osama bin Laden. That’s a whole other deception. Perhaps the biggest of all time. Does anybody else wonder why his body wasn’t brought back and put on display at Ground Zero in New York City? Why was his body cleaned and given a suspicious Muslim ‘burial at sea?’ Nobody in SEAL Team Six was allowed to talk about it and they still aren’t. Photos were quickly scrubbed from the Internet. And most of that brave SEAL team died under weird circumstances shortly thereafter in a ‘helicopter crash.’ Does anybody still wonder about what really happened there with bin Laden? They certainly should.” –Pentagon official

“We talk in the military; we talk to each other. Since we served, there’s been a lot of talk post-Benghazi among us about what really happened there. Nobody trusts this White House anymore. And it’s because we’ve heard the real truth about Benghazi and how this President left our ambassador and others there to die with no help. He did it because of the classified operation to get back a lot of our arms that had fallen into terrorist’ hands. And they botched it all up and tried to blame it on others. Then they started building the big lie. It’s what they always do. Benghazi was practice for this Bergdahl ‘traitor trade.’” –Jimmy

“We at the Pentagon and to a certain extent, the military in the field, try to avoid politics. We’re there for one reason: to protect America, Americans and our national security interests. But now the gloves have to come off because it’s clearly an ‘us-against-them’ situation now. There’s this constant untrue refrain coming from the Obama White House about how bad President Bush was and how great Obama has struggled through the ‘terrible situation’ Bush left him. Nonsense. Anybody serving under Bush knows he was the real commander-in-chief; that he loved this country; and that he always had America’s best interests at heart. He was beloved by most of the military because he cared about us and it was obvious. With Obama, we all certainly wondered in 2009. Now we know. We see he’s indifferent and indecisive with our enemies—the same ones he’s sending us out to fight when it’s politically convenient for him. He’s openly hostile to our allies and destroyed our relationships with them. He’s wishy-washy about troop allocations like he was with the troop surge in Afghanistan, he dithered for months. All that time, our troops were dying. He’s golfing, attending lavish fundraisers and making political speeches, while all the while we’re sacrificing. What I’m hearing now from the troops is that we’re checking out on and getting out of the military before he gets anymore killed. You see what happens when our commander-in-chief hates war?” –Pentagon official

“It always seemed to us fighting, that Obama could never make the right decision at the right time. At first, we chalked it up to inexperience but that was in 2009. As he continued to make more and more terrible decisions getting more of us killed, we began to smell a rat with this President. We started to see his hostility, his venom toward our armed forces; you can’t hide that. It always comes out no matter how hard he tries to hide it.” –Ron

“This White House has a very simple strategy: whenever things go well in foreign policy or with our troops, steal the credit from George W. Bush and whenever there are problems, blame everything on Bush. We in the military don’t like this dishonesty. We think they’re a bunch of posers, real phonies. In the way they treat us at the Pentagon and our officers and troops in the battlefield, they show us they don’t give a damn.” –Pentagon official

“This President seems hell bent on giving up known terrorists that our men have died to capture and put in Gitmo or returning them in trades likes this one to kill Americans again. He uses us to capture and then kill Bin Laden and then wants to bring Khalid Sheik Mohammad to New York to try him in a US court and give him Miranda and all the other rights we have. It’s obvious this government hates us.” –Jimmy

“This VA disaster was something we all knew was coming. It got much worse under this government. They cut the budget, ignored it and allowed the bureaucratic inmates at the VA to control the asylum for their own personal enrichment. It’s evil and un-Christian. We are so angry about this. God help a country that allows our elderly veterans to be mistreated like this.” –Ron

“We at the Pentagon with the proper clearances, have been long aware that this administration has been putting their people into top Department of Defense positions who would do their bidding and the will of the people be damned. From Benghazi to the horrible, untold story of the capture of Osama Bin Laden to the VA debacle to Bergdahl and the coming destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan due to this White House’s hasty fleeing from those countries, we’ve seen and heard first-hand how corrupt and vicious this government really is. We’ve received their shocking orders and unfortunately, had to execute them. God help us all.” –Pentagon official

“Many of the troops now believe that our commander-in chief is a Muslim terrorist sympathizer. First, the ‘apology tour’ when he first took office with speeches in Egypt and Turkey condemning America and apologizing to the Muslim world. Then the way he’s treated Israel. His support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during the revolution there was just plain dumb. The way he wasted time and was indecisive about the ‘troop surge’ in the first place. His inability to deal straight with the American people about his interactions with Iran and Syria; his repeated bungling of those two national security crises. What happened in Benghazi and with this traitorous Bergdahl’ trade; he’s handed powerful disinformation to America’s Muslim terrorist enemies with these wins for them. His preening visits to Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, hailed as a ‘homecoming.’ How much proof do Americans need?” –Pentagon official

“Some people just think that this White House is hapless and incompetent. It’s far worse. They’re doing these things because it’s part of their bigger plan. They’re doing or not doing these things in Libya, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Egypt and all around the globe purposely.” –Pentagon official

“For decades now, the US government’s strict policy was that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. What this Traitor Trade really did was ruin any chance that wounded and captured American soldiers can ever say again to their terrorist captors, ‘The American government will never negotiate with you for me.’ I believe the last time we might hear that being said when it was absolutely true, is when the wounded and captured soldier said that to the Somali terrorist in the movie, ‘Black Hawk Down.’ A lot of Americans will be taken hostage, tortured and held for ransom as a result of this trade by Obama.” –Pentagon official

“I’m afraid this President has worn out his welcome with our American military. After Benghazi, the VA scandal and now this ‘Traitor Trade,’ most feel we can’t trust him anymore. What he did and didn’t do with the VA hospital scandal speaks volumes about his loyalties. We owe our veterans everything, but he doesn’t agree. He doesn’t care about the military, so he harasses them into secrecy on Benghazi and Bergdahl. He doesn’t like war, so he sends more troops in with less money and weapons, getting more killed. And, he wants to crow about a success in the face of mounting, self-inflicted scandals all across the board, so he trades five of the world’s worst murderers—whose only life goal is to kill Jews and Americans, just so he can have a Rose Garden’ celebration.” –Pentagon official

“We at the Pentagon, the military officers, civilian employees; and certainly the military officers and troops in the field risking their lives, feel betrayed. We feel betrayed by this President. Do you have any idea how it feels to feel betrayed by your Commander-in-Chief? We also feel betrayed by Secretaries Clinton, Panetta, Gates, Napolitano and John Brennan, General Petraeus, too. More than those people, we feel a serious betrayal by Secretary Kerry, as a former military serviceman. And perhaps the worst betrayal of all, we feel was by Chuck Hagel. Hagel, who won two Purple Hearts in Vietnam was supposed to protect us and lookout for us. He was supposed to know how we felt and stop those in this government who were hurting us in Benghazi, with the VA, by cutting military spending and with this absurd Bergdahl’ trade. Instead, he seems to have dementia and be a sock puppet for this WH.” –Pentagon official

“We’re just so disappointed in our government. That they would treat us, our brothers in arms and our veterans like this is indefensible. Lying to the American people is also not allowed. There’s no excuse and they must be stopped. Our Founding Fathers would be storming the White House.” –Ron

After years of threats, Benghazi, the God-awful VA scandal, the roundly-mocked West Point speech and any number of other proof that this government actively despises our American military, the American people have had it. The US military members and their families have no love lost for the White House, this President or the departments of State and Defense because they feel cheated, disrespected and lied to while they also feel like they’ve been led to their deaths in many instances. This is why, I think the Pentagon official and soldiers are coming forward now–they’ve had enough.” –Pentagon official

“None of us wanted to speak out initially because we thought that would be betraying our country and working against our President. But we come to find out that that’s exactly what we need to do now; blow the whistle.” –Jimmy

“Most military personnel know they can’t go around talking about sensitive military information. The Special Forces operators and CIA know this and feel this especially. But we’re not talking about an advanced new weapon here or some current battle strategy. We’re talking about government corruption and the deliberate misleading of the American people. And our troops are dying because of this. We need to speak out and tell the truth, whether it’s classified or not.” –Ron

“Does anybody else … anybody? … see the irony and hypocrisy that this White House sends us out to fight for and get injured or killed for our American liberties and then at the same time, makes us sign NDAs, gag orders and take polygraphs about what should be the single most important right: Free Speech? It’s an outrage.” –Pentagon official

Bowe Bergdahl


That’s right Bergdahl … hang your head in shame.



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