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“It always seemed to us fighting, that Obama could never make the right decision at the right time. At first, we chalked it up to inexperience but that was in 2009. As he continued to make more and more terrible decisions getting more of us killed, we began to smell a rat with this President. We started to see his hostility, his venom toward our armed forces; you can’t hide that. It always comes out no matter how hard he tries to hide it.” –Ron

“This White House has a very simple strategy: whenever things go well in foreign policy or with our troops, steal the credit from George W. Bush and whenever there are problems, blame everything on Bush. We in the military don’t like this dishonesty. We think they’re a bunch of posers, real phonies. In the way they treat us at the Pentagon and our officers and troops in the battlefield, they show us they don’t give a damn.” –Pentagon official

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“This President seems hell bent on giving up known terrorists that our men have died to capture and put in Gitmo or returning them in trades likes this one to kill Americans again. He uses us to capture and then kill Bin Laden and then wants to bring Khalid Sheik Mohammad to New York to try him in a US court and give him Miranda and all the other rights we have. It’s obvious this government hates us.” –Jimmy

“This VA disaster was something we all knew was coming. It got much worse under this government. They cut the budget, ignored it and allowed the bureaucratic inmates at the VA to control the asylum for their own personal enrichment. It’s evil and un-Christian. We are so angry about this. God help a country that allows our elderly veterans to be mistreated like this.” –Ron

“We at the Pentagon with the proper clearances, have been long aware that this administration has been putting their people into top Department of Defense positions who would do their bidding and the will of the people be damned. From Benghazi to the horrible, untold story of the capture of Osama Bin Laden to the VA debacle to Bergdahl and the coming destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan due to this White House’s hasty fleeing from those countries, we’ve seen and heard first-hand how corrupt and vicious this government really is. We’ve received their shocking orders and unfortunately, had to execute them. God help us all.” –Pentagon official

“Many of the troops now believe that our commander-in chief is a Muslim terrorist sympathizer. First, the ‘apology tour’ when he first took office with speeches in Egypt and Turkey condemning America and apologizing to the Muslim world. Then the way he’s treated Israel. His support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during the revolution there was just plain dumb. The way he wasted time and was indecisive about the ‘troop surge’ in the first place. His inability to deal straight with the American people about his interactions with Iran and Syria; his repeated bungling of those two national security crises. What happened in Benghazi and with this traitorous Bergdahl’ trade; he’s handed powerful disinformation to America’s Muslim terrorist enemies with these wins for them. His preening visits to Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, hailed as a ‘homecoming.’ How much proof do Americans need?” –Pentagon official

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