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“So the Obama administration purposely kept the fact secret that they knew Khattala to be behind the Benghazi disaster, while Khattala spent almost two years hanging out in Benghazi hotels with journalists and played the ‘rock star terrorist’ among adoring Jihadis. Word is now, that they’ll be capturing him with special operators and bringing him back only because they need another ‘military win’ to keep the scandals from catching up with them and shift the American’ public’ attention to another apparent Obama success.” –Pentagon official (Ed. Note: The above quote was spoken on June 1st, 2014 weeks before Khattala was captured by US forces.)

“The dirty trick this White House has sprung on America with regard to Khattala is the same d**n thing they did with Bin Laden: they knew where these terrorists were for months and years but saved actually capturing them for a time that was better politically for them such as an election or when a scandal was hurting their poll numbers. We in the U.S. military think that’s treasonous. You get them, when you can get them, not after.” –Pentagon official

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“Nobody who doesn’t have top secret security clearance, knows about the killing of Osama bin Laden. That’s a whole other deception. Perhaps the biggest of all time. Does anybody else wonder why his body wasn’t brought back and put on display at Ground Zero in New York City? Why was his body cleaned and given a suspicious Muslim ‘burial at sea?’ Nobody in SEAL Team Six was allowed to talk about it and they still aren’t. Photos were quickly scrubbed from the Internet. And most of that brave SEAL team died under weird circumstances shortly thereafter in a ‘helicopter crash.’ Does anybody still wonder about what really happened there with bin Laden? They certainly should.” –Pentagon official

“We talk in the military; we talk to each other. Since we served, there’s been a lot of talk post-Benghazi among us about what really happened there. Nobody trusts this White House anymore. And it’s because we’ve heard the real truth about Benghazi and how this President left our ambassador and others there to die with no help. He did it because of the classified operation to get back a lot of our arms that had fallen into terrorist’ hands. And they botched it all up and tried to blame it on others. Then they started building the big lie. It’s what they always do. Benghazi was practice for this Bergdahl ‘traitor trade.’” –Jimmy

“We at the Pentagon and to a certain extent, the military in the field, try to avoid politics. We’re there for one reason: to protect America, Americans and our national security interests. But now the gloves have to come off because it’s clearly an ‘us-against-them’ situation now. There’s this constant untrue refrain coming from the Obama White House about how bad President Bush was and how great Obama has struggled through the ‘terrible situation’ Bush left him. Nonsense. Anybody serving under Bush knows he was the real commander-in-chief; that he loved this country; and that he always had America’s best interests at heart. He was beloved by most of the military because he cared about us and it was obvious. With Obama, we all certainly wondered in 2009. Now we know. We see he’s indifferent and indecisive with our enemies—the same ones he’s sending us out to fight when it’s politically convenient for him. He’s openly hostile to our allies and destroyed our relationships with them. He’s wishy-washy about troop allocations like he was with the troop surge in Afghanistan, he dithered for months. All that time, our troops were dying. He’s golfing, attending lavish fundraisers and making political speeches, while all the while we’re sacrificing. What I’m hearing now from the troops is that we’re checking out on and getting out of the military before he gets anymore killed. You see what happens when our commander-in-chief hates war?” –Pentagon official

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