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“The Libyan terrorists who this administration thought could be turned into fighting rebels in Syria, were playing Obama and Clinton for fools the whole time. They never intended to be trained to fight in Syria. They always planned on getting their training from the ‘brainless Americans’ and get our advanced weapons, only to then go fight in Iraq and beat us at our own game there by taking back Iraq, its oil fields, banks and weapon stockpiles to create a caliphate across all of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Jordan is next to fall. Once they do that part, then they incorporate the rest of the Middle East by folding in Egypt, Yemen, Qatar and taking Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and rest of the oil-rich countries to finance their final destruction of Israel.” –Pentagon official

“It was well-known at the Pentagon because we were involved in this administrations dangerous activities all along, that the released terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was in Libya during the training and had cooked up this gigantic con of Obama and Clinton, who were so naïve and trusting it was unbelievable. They both had no understanding whatsoever that these people wanted to kill Americans and Jews. They were clueless.” –Pentagon official

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“And now we have Obama to thank for running our troops out of Iraq so quickly and then, arming, training and allowing ISIS to take over Iraq headed by al-Baghdadi, who’s now the inheritor of Osama bin Laden’s killing machine. It’s ridiculous.” –Pentagon official

“Right after Benghazi, Panetta came in irate and wanted an immediate inventory of all the weapons lost to the terrorists in Benghazi. I’m told he grimaced and then held his head in his hands when he received it. Then he told Obama, Clinton and the others who went absolutely ballistic on the Pentagon and the CIA. As if it was our fault and not theirs. They’re master scape-goaters. Remember, they had an election to steal and this scandal had to be hidden so they could successfully steal another four years from the American people. And if the people had known the truth, Obama would’ve lost in a landslide to Romney. So they would tell any lie, blame anything on anybody else and rob, cheat or steal anything to win that 2012 presidential election. So they did.” –Pentagon official

“And then you have the big lie about ‘bringing those responsible for the killing of our ambassador and three other Americans to justice.’ The Pentagon, CIA and the entire administration knew Ahmed Abu Khattala was the leader of the Benghazi attack and murders, we knew it from the start. We were training him and his lowlife terrorists under orders from the White House. The ‘video and spontaneous demonstration’ were rashly thrown together to lie to the public, while this feckless government scrambled to figure out where the terrorists we had just trained at the CIA annex in Benghazi had gone with the weapons and Stinger missiles. There were hundreds and hundreds of those, which can now be turned on Americans and Israelis all over the world. They can easily blow a passenger airliner out of the sky, it only takes one. Now that they’ve turned up in Syria and Iraq, people are shaking with fear in Washington and the Pentagon.” –Pentagon official

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