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“Just like Benghazi, Panetta was a puppet-master as the Secretary of Defense, leaking info and lying about the facts in both Bergdahl and Benghazi. Everybody at the Pentagon despised that man and his Communist affiliations. We’ve fought Communism for decades and to have Panetta come in here and start giving orders was a real insult to our sacrifice.” –Pentagon official

“The way the Obama administration has used the liberal news media on both Bergdahl and Benghazi is shocking. First they use the media to mislead and misinform the American public about the facts. Then they have the media lie about who the bad guys and good guys are, reversing their roles and brainwashing. Finally, they use the willing media to smear those trying to tell the truth about what they’re doing. It sinister, immoral and flat-out wrong.” –Jimmy

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“This government we find ourselves under, has been supporting the terrorists everywhere they go. Think about it? We deposed an Israeli-friendly Mubarak in Egypt and the President and Secretary of State were broadly quoted as excitedly supporting Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. That didn’t last long. We screwed up with Ben Ali in Tunisia. We looked ready to get Assad out of Syria but Obama couldn’t pull the trigger after the Benghazi atrocity—he was literally afraid. Every single mess in the Middle East was created by Obama and Hillary and their blundering. When we helped engineer the deposing of Gadhafi in Libya, look what we ended up with? Four dead Americans including the first ambassador in three decades and we’d given a ton of weapons and training to America’s arch enemies.” –Pentagon official

“Benghazi was all about Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s big training camp there in Benghazi at the CIA annex and elsewhere in the area. The CIA annex had a top-secret NSA listening post with the latest technology. They had a gigantic warehouse there with weapons (like MANPADS—man-portable air defense systems) for Al Qaeda-linked terrorists they thought would take out Assad… they thought this terrorist proving ground was a brilliant masterstroke to use and train their own little band of terrorists, provide them with American weapons and ship them over to fight against Assad in Syria. Right alongside Al Qaeda in Syria. Only problem was, they were being played by Al Qaeda. Both Clinton and Obama were giving the orders through Defense and State to do this; they actually thought this was a good idea. Nobody ‘can figure out’ what our Ambassador was doing there that night? Let me be clear: Chris Stevens was there because of the training camp and advanced weapons deals involving Stinger missiles. He was directly involved and was Hillary’s point man for the black op. Instead of being an ambassador, Stevens was an arms dealer for terrorists. Can you imagine? In the Pentagon we all knew it was a bad idea and would backfire… the training camp was designed and built to train American-hating lunatic Libyan terrorists, train them with Stinger missiles and other advanced ordinance to ship to Syria. What do you think the ‘CIA annex’ was? So when we heard about our Ambassador and other Americans killed there, we all knew Obama and Clinton had screwed up and lied to the world about it. We couldn’t believe arrogance and cruelty with which the both lied to the families of the dead at Dover AFB and on a continuing basis. It was dreadful.” –Pentagon official

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