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The comments were so touching to me. Overwhelmingly positive to our soldiers’ quotes and complimentary to me as “brave,” “a hero,” and such, they made me feel unjustifiably honored. The real, brave heroes are those brave Americans who go out and fight for our flag and country–as if it’s just something you do. Because for them, it is. And the real heroes in my stories on Bergdahl are the sources, the soldiers, and all who sacrifice for America.

We don’t have to put up with this … to stand this kind of obviously destructive, tyrannical government; and we must stand up… and do something aggressive to save America!

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We need to band together now, like the soldiers at Valley Forge did in the bitter winter of 1777/1778 and carry on to do what needs to be done. Here’s what I believe is necessary, right now:

  1. The President needs to be removed from office. And quickly. Before he can do any more damage to this great country of ours. Just like Nixon, it will be hard and painful for some. However, for others like me, it will restore the faith and honor in America which we’ve grown with and feel in our hearts. Our forefathers grew with these same convictions and always held them near and dear, protected them, and fought for them. Now is our time to do the same. We must take America back. There is no doubt that he is not the proper person for the job. Take just a brief review of the decisions he’s made on behalf of Americans to support terrorists and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Syria. Who does he have inside his Presidential administration? Oh look!  It’s no less than six card-carrying members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Nope, he needs to be removed from office forthwith.
  2. Undo the awful damage Obama has wrought on America. This will also not be easy; but once we drag him out of office, presumably kicking and screaming, it will be a lot easier to legislatively reverse all his idiotic doings while he was terrorizing Americans. Fixing the Veterans Administration and restoring the respect to our great military; reining in the IRS, NSA , EPA, GSA, and Holder’s Department of Justice by arresting a whole lot of people; and ‘firing’ and jailing a whole gaggle of Lib/Dem Obama sycophants in Congress, the “news media,” and the White House are all necessary and good starts. Fixing our economy has to be done quickly as well, and that will be no simple task after what these Marxists have done to it.
  3. Take great care to ensure that the US Presidency is never again hijacked in the way it has been with Obama. This will require substantial legislation and oversight on presidential background checks and the delivery of ALL presidential candidates’ records of college, schooling, and origination. All associations, such as those by Obama with Communist anarchists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, America-/God-/White-hating Jeremiah Wright, convicted felon Tony Rezko, and other highly questionable characters need to be fully vetted by our government and media alike. Otherwise, the candidate may not run for election. The way Obama got his hooks in the White House was not only because of the idiot kids manipulated by false promises of “hope and change” and reverse racists who voted for him only because he was “black,” but also because of a stupid, evil media that actually were responsible for this poser becoming our President. Not only did they not vet him properly during his candidacy, but they also did not ever hold him accountable for any of his transgressions against this country. The main job of our news media is to oversee, investigate, and hold government accountable–to keep the people informed. And they cannot even do this? Well, now our Liberal Media needs to be held accountable.

I well know that the reason these three brave sources chose to speak out now after more than five years post-Bergdahl is that they had had enough. Well, I have too. And, I think, so have all of you who took your valuable time to read these articles.

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