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King Obama’s Libyan War Drones On


by Jim Emerson

Even though the White House insists that we are not at war with Libya, its actions prove otherwise. With the promise of the U.S. not taking a lead role in this “kinetic action,” the president authorized the use of predator drones to fly missions in Libya. The biggest shock of the week came when the White House stated it has not taken sides in the Libyan conflict. (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must have not received the memo yet.)

Although the first official missions were canceled because of weather, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced the use of armed drones began last Thursday, April 21. Asked specifically if the deployment of drones was an escalation of U.S. involvement he quickly denied it insisting that “the president has been clear to us that the primary strike role has been turned over to our allies and our friends, and if we can make a modest contribution with these armed predators, we’ll do it, but I don’t think any of us see that as mission creep.”

Humanitarian Mission

The lack of reporting on America’s role in regard to Libya has made the American public apathetic to the actual role of the U.S. armed forces role in Libya. In this UN-dictated humanitarian mission the allies only attacked air defense and air bases but left the regime’s security forces in place. Again the Democrats and the diplomats in the UN are ignorant of the fact that no-fly zones have never prevented a regime from killing its own citizens or removed a tyrant. The real victims will be the innocent people on the ground between the al-Qaeda-backed rebels and Qaddafi’s security forces.

Purpose of the Drones

NATO has not been able to stop Qaddafi’s forces from attacking rebel forces. According to the (UK) Guardian, Secretary Gates stated “that the Predator was an example of the unique U.S. military capabilities that the president is willing to contribute while other countries enforce a no-fly zone.” The UAVs will be used to locate and attack security forces and protecting the rebels; this is being spun as protecting civilians from Qaddafi. President Obama’s White House has taken sides and is using NATO and UN resolutions as a cover.

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