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Perhaps, the quadrual of egos, massive intertwining bureaucracies, zero accountability, and huge amounts of money are simply four sides of the same square, three of which naturally follow from the bureaucracy portion. One could add our obsession with process instead of outcome. Despite the dozens of catastrophic failures, we still must have an unchanged FDA approval process. Despite the decades of poor results from any number of strongly advocated “health” measures, we must still have them in place. Despite the fact that giving insulin to an obese type 2 diabetic will only make him fatter, and increase his “need” for exogenous insulin even more, we must keep on with this nonsensical therapy.

Might I suggest that the first step in improving any health care system is for the individual to take an ownership in his own health, instead of giving his proxy to such an obscenely conflicted enterprise as the federal government and its henchmen?

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A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a top addiction medicine doc, based in Arizona. He remarked that these days, addiction medicine is one of the last specialties allowing him the freedom to act like a true physician—a partner and consultant in improving the health of the patient. The addicts who come for treatment sincerely want to get better, and the doctor is their guard and guide. No proxy required, and befitting of a nation that celebrates independence.

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