Keith Olbermann “Hiking the Appalachian Trail?”


by sloopydrew, Daily KOS


After a full week of a Keith-less Countdown; “Keith Olbermann has the night off,” is turning into MSNBC’s, “Hiking the Appalachian Trail.” Nothing against David Shuster, as he does a good job, but the reason I have tuned into Countdown from the beginning is because of Keith.

If Keith is going to take extended, unexplained absences, he’s going to have to let “Worst Person in the World” go. Right now it’s essentially proprietary and only featured on the show when the show features Keith Olbermann. When Keith does come back, maybe he should name himself “Worse Person in the World” for leaving so long and so often.

Is something going on at MSNBC? Keith gave a lackluster excuse for dropping criticism of “Bill-O” (Bill O’Reilly), which was his stock-in-trade (at least in the “Worst Person” segment). It felt like he was asked to drop mentions of Bill and requested one final swipe to explain it away. Rush Limbaugh has acted as placeholder for Bill O’Reilly many an episode, now.

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