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Katie Couric Protects Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi E-mail Mess

Yahoo News' Katie Couric continues the mainstream media trend of protecting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi scandal.


Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric’s Now I Get It online news program is routinely featured by Yahoo.com and its affiliates, often appearing on the site’s front page. With more than 460 million daily visitors, Couric’s stories are possibly viewed more now than when she was anchor of the CBS Evening News, which makes it more important than ever that Couric get her facts straight.

In a recent episode titled “Benghazi Controversy Explained,” Couric outlines the Benghazi controversy in a four-minute segment. She hits many of the major points of the controversy surrounding the event, including the sequence of events, National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s CIA talking points, and the reality that the Obama administration got the whole “it’s all because of a YouTube video” nonsense right. She doesn’t condemn President Barack Obama, but Couric shouldn’t be too critical in a truly balanced newscast.

While Couric did provide quite a bit of good information—more than many in the mainstream media have been willing to report—she does conveniently leave out any mention at all of the most recent dimension to the story: Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails and empty server.

Clinton has come under intense scrutiny since it was revealed that thousands of e-mails Clinton sent, including an untold number relating to the events in Benghazi, mysteriously were deleted from her own private e-mail server, which in and of itself is a scandal since the secretary of state normally uses official government servers when conducting business.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the chairman of a House committee investigating Benghazi, says Clinton wiped her server clean, erasing evidence he suspects would have proven her involvement in an attempted Benghazi cover-up.

Since Mrs. Clinton is one of the nation’s leading political figures and has officially announced her candidacy for president, it seems more than a little strange that Couric chose to leave out any mention of the e-mail server scandal. In a television newscast, it could be argued there isn’t enough time to go over all of the sordid details of the potential Benghazi cover-up; but on the Internet, what’s the excuse? Surely Couric could have extended the video by another 60 seconds and, at the very least, mentioned the charges many have made against her.

Instead, Couric chose to ignore the issue entirely, even though there is no disputing the fact that the e-mails are missing or that Clinton used her private server to conduct official State Department business. It’s a tough one to explain, unless of course you go with the simplest solution: Couric deliberately left the details out to protect Mrs. Clinton.

Considering all of the recent criticism of ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos for failing to properly disclose his connection to the Clinton Foundation, you would think Couric would think very carefully when wading into the Benghazi waters. Sadly, I’m sure she did and simply chose to participate in the mainstream media’s circle-the-wagons effort to protect Mrs. Clinton.

At this point, it seems as though there’s absolutely no reason viewers seeking the truth, especially as we enter what’s sure to be a contentious election season, should trust so-called reliable news agencies like ABC, CBS, or NBC, all three of which Couric has worked for in the past.

So, in case you were wondering why many conservatives are so frustrated with the media, maybe now you can say, “Now I get it.”

Justin Haskins (NewRevere@1791.com) is a writer, editor-in-chief of the New Revere Daily Press, and a columnist at Western Journalism. You can follow him @TheNewRevere.

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