Karl Rove on Disclosing Donors: Obama Is ‘Hypocritical’


Those were the Republican strategist’s words this morning when I asked him if he would disclose the names of donors to his conservative Crossroads GPS group that supports Republican campaigns via ads.

“The president is being hypocritical about this. He had no problem at all with this when groups were spending money on his behalf in 2008 and not disclosing donors. He had no problem at all not disclosing his own donors, tens of millions of dollars of contributions to his campaign,” Karl Rove said on “GMA.”

“And now he turns around because Republicans have taken up and started doing the same things Democrats have been doing for years,” he said.

Due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United companies can donate an unlimited amount of funds anonymously. Yesterday at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania Vice President Biden accused Rove of raising money from “shady sources” and even challenged to Rove to “tell me that this money isn’t coming billionaires and millionaires, insurance companies, oil companies, major executives who have about as much in common and concern with the people in north east Pennsylvania as I don’t know what.”

Rove passed on Biden’s challenge – but when I asked him about Obama’s accusation that those unknown donors could be “foreign-owned companies” he said the money is not coming from foreign companies.

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