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I will never put this out of my mind.

After pulling up to a bank, I noticed a truck with a license plate that had “Vietnam veteran” on it. I pulled up to the teller window, looked over at a man, and asked him if he was a veteran. He said he was. I thanked him for his service; and, with tears in his eyes, he wanted to tell me his story. He told me that all that he received when he got home was a protest from his own people. I assured him that if I had been old enough back in the ’70s, I would have done everything in my power to make sure that would’ve never happened.

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Well friends, I am old enough now to make sure it never happens again.

When I hear firsthand testimonials from our veterans, and I listen to their stories, when I see that their sacrifices have been overlooked by so many, it then makes a lot of sense as to why the president is getting away with what he does. For the most part, the American people who are showing the same amount of disrespect and ingratitude are the ones allowing this criminal (the president) to do what he is doing.

To the veterans, I know “thank you” doesn’t make up for what you have done; but it is a good place to start! Better yet, I am taking it to the utmost extreme to live for what you sacrificed your lives for (John 15:13)–and so is every true American patriot.

This, I am not putting out of my mind.

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