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Just don’t tell them you’re from Chicago!


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My heart is broken, deeply broken.  Is there no one in Illinois who has the moral compunction to stand up to the corruption known as Chicago?  Will any Illinois person of honor come forward to put a stop to what is going on?    When I received an anonymous E-mail about the Land of Lincoln–where our governors make our license plates–I couldn’t laugh anymore.  You see, there always has been a perverse sort of gallows humor, perhaps even misplaced sense of pride associated with Chicago.  When I tell people here in Florida that I’m from near Chicago, I sense that I have assumed a different status in their eyes.  One guy even stepped back, suddenly refusing to interrupt me anymore!

As the current all-Democrat Illinois legislature tried every way possible to pass a series of unconstitutional gun bans last week, three sitting lawmakers were facing criminal charges.  All Democrats from Chicago, they include taking a gun on a plane, bribery, and bank fraud.

Incredibly, during the last six months, 292 people were killed (a charge of manslaughter) or murdered in Chicago while only 221 were killed in Iraq! How ironic that the American city with the nation’s most oppressive gun laws boasts more killings than a hot war zone in which ALL combatants carry guns.

Illinois is noted for having the greatest number of imprisoned governors-FOUR-past or present!  Gov. Otto Kerner, Democrat, was sent up on 17 felony charges; Gov. Dan Walker,(D) went up for bank fraud; George Ryan (Rep) gets out this year after doing time for felony fraud and racketeering;  and Rod Blagojevich, who President Barack Obama said he only met with “infrequently” continues his stretch for 18 counts of political misconduct!

Operation Cookie Jar, a public schools sting, netted numerous arrests of school officials.  “Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country,” says my anonymous E mail.  Jesse Jackson, Jr. just resigned from Congress because of continuing allegations about improper expenditures of campaign funds!  A 2012 University of Illinois, Chicago campus report states: “The Chicago area already has the most public corruption convictions of any federal jurisdiction nationwide with more than 1,500 convictions in the Illinois Northern District.” And our state pension fund is financially the most precarious in the country with an unfunded liability of over $96 BILLION; yet the in-session legislature does nothing.

I remember walking with my grandmother through her beautiful flower gardens.  I can still taste the delicious homegrown tomatoes my uncle gave us.  I remember my father traveling once a month to Chicago to meet with other judges to do something about the election shenanigans after Mayor Daley Sr’s involvement in the “questionable” ascendancy of John F. Kennedy to the Presidency.  I’ll never forget seeing the walls of flames shoot up every night during the 1960s riots’ “Days of Rage.”

Illinois is a beautiful state with kind, lovely people, both rich and poor.  They do not deserve what is going on.  My daughter and her husband will have four sons in Illinois colleges and universities next year. They should not have to face the embarrassment I now do when I tell people I’m from Illinois!

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