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Did Judge Malihi Base Eligibility Decision On Sharia Law?


“This is an outrage, an absolute outrage,” Attorney Orly Taitz told a radio audience in Western New  York.  She believes Judge Michael Malihi, a Clinton era appointee, is from Iran which could have a bearing if he is steeped in Sharia Law.  When he brought down a favorable decision for Obama’s appearing on state ballots, Taitz sent by overnight courier a 23 page appeal  to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp pleading with him to ignore the judge’s advisory decision –  to no avail.

Kemp rubber stamped the Malihi decision, and now the appeal process begins in earnest.  Plaintiff attorney J. Mark Hatfield will escalate this case to the appellate level immediately.  With emergency appeals well in place before Georgia’s March 6 Super Tuesday, Hatfield told World Net Daily:  ”I will be filing that on behalf of Carl Swensson and Kevin Richard Powell just as soon as I can get it drafted!”

Taitz told her listeners: “It was abundantly clear…that Judge Malihi was under an outside pressure to rush the case.”  Her appeal contains three key procedural points. First, Malihi refused to allow her to properly present her opening statement. Secondy, he rushed plaintiff witnesses. Finally,  throughout the case he would allow only the Natural Born Citizen argument.    But what Malihi did was unprecedented because he based his decision on the Arkeny [sic] v. Daniels case out of Indiana which was never cited by the defense! “A presiding judge cannot suddenly pull out of a hat some case,” Taitz fumed.

Trying to follow up on the Malihi Iranian angle proved very frustrating.  Another blogger trying to trace Judge Michael Malihi’s background found virtually NO information on him, although other judicial search subjects presented much biographical data.  She was able to find names of Malihi’s relatives, namely Mehdi Malihi, Masoud M. Malihi, Malie S. Malihi, Mahzad Malihi, and Lia E. Malihi.     The street address given for his Westport, CT estate appears to list a house number higher than official records enumerate, so this is just another facet of the Georgia mystery judge.

The Taitz presentation revealed that our current president’s name on his mother’s passport was SOEBARKAH, yet in his Indonesian school records his last name is Soetoro!  She said on appeal: “Obama never presented admissible competent evidence showing Obama to be born in this country, yet the judge considered Obama to be born here.”

She also appealed for consideration the fact that there is “no valid Social Security number, and that the E verify test failed” for the number commonly given.  But in spite of his verdict, the judge for the first time allowed evidence pertaining to the challenge of Barack Obama’s eligibility to run for U.S. President to be admitted into open court, thus paving the way for the appeals process.  Obama’s Malihi victory may be a Pyrrhic one indeed!

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is announcing the findings of his cold case posse research on March 1; he told reporter Jerome Corsi in an exclusive story that some will find the results “Shocking!”

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