On Fox News this morning, Juan Williams had some strong words for Media Matters for America, a Soros-funded anti-conservative group. In recent days, Fox has claimed that Media Matters is using taxpayer dollars to attack the news network. For years, the group has made Glenn Beck a primary target as well.

Williams weighed in on the group’s attacks on Fox, saying:
“They used to monitor the media and point out things that were wrong, false, inappropriate, which is fine, but what you are hearing…is that really now they’re involved in opposition research. They are digging up dirt on people. They’re trying to ruin people’s lives and reputation because they disagree with their politics.

And, in specific here, what they disagree with is conservative politics and they really don’t like Fox News. So they’re going after everybody associated with Fox News including the likes of me.”

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So, Williams contends that Media Matters is more concerned with attacking conservatives than with exposing general untruths in media. The group’s behavior has some wondering if the IRS should revoke its tax-exempt status. Watch his statements below:

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