Honest debate in America is being muzzled by the forces of political correctness, says Juan Williams, a best-selling author and journalist who was fired by NPR after saying that seeing Muslims in airports makes him nervous.

Speaking to talk radio host Steve Malzberg, he said Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s claim that the media should not give equal time to politicians who were promoting a government default was “scary.”

“You don’t want government telling you want you can talk about and what media should be doing. It’s funny because if people on the left had heard that people on the right had wanted to say something about Hollywood, they would go bananas.

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“People say there’s such anger right now in terms of what happened, dysfunction in Washington, that people are looking for someone to blame and John Kerry’s saying that some people should be silenced,” Williams said in amazement during a conversation with Malzberg on WOR 710 in New York.

He said he couldn’t understand why people don’t take a stronger stance, speaking their minds.

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