Juan Williams: A Victim of NPR’s intolerance


It’s enough to make your head hurt.

Juan Williams, an Afri can-American and a liberal, was fired from ultra-leftist, tolerance-mouthing NPR for being Conservative While Black. And I’m glad.

Only now that Williams has been caught in the wood chipper of narrow-minded racism that rules a network partly funded by taxpayers can we shine a light on the bigotry our dollars are buying. For beneath the veil, NPR embraces a culture not of inclusion and acceptance, but one of fear.

Fear of offending their militant audience — whether or not anyone is complaining.

It isn’t pretty.

With Williams’ sacking, maybe now we can be honest about the conversation he started — and NPR ended. He admitted, reasonably, to Bill O’Reilly that he gets “nervous” when he boards an airplane and sees passengers draped in Muslim garb.
As you might expect, a push is on by pundits on the left and right to dump Williams into the list of those who’ve fallen under the bus of political orthodoxy. It doesn’t work.

Williams never expressed loathing toward any group — as Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez and Mel Gibson did toward Jews.
He didn’t Utter a Forbidden Word While White on radio — like Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s ironic N-word.

And he didn’t present himself as a policeman of Muslim fashion trends. ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser was suspended for publicly ripping into the short, tight skirts squished into by his colleague Hannah Storm.

Williams spoke, with a dollop of guilt, about himself.

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