It’s enough to make your head hurt.

Juan Williams, an Afri can-American and a liberal, was fired from ultra-leftist, tolerance-mouthing NPR for being Conservative While Black. And I’m glad.

Only now that Williams has been caught in the wood chipper of narrow-minded racism that rules a network partly funded by taxpayers can we shine a light on the bigotry our dollars are buying. For beneath the veil, NPR embraces a culture not of inclusion and acceptance, but one of fear.

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Fear of offending their militant audience — whether or not anyone is complaining.

It isn’t pretty.

With Williams’ sacking, maybe now we can be honest about the conversation he started — and NPR ended. He admitted, reasonably, to Bill O’Reilly that he gets “nervous” when he boards an airplane and sees passengers draped in Muslim garb.
As you might expect, a push is on by pundits on the left and right to dump Williams into the list of those who’ve fallen under the bus of political orthodoxy. It doesn’t work.

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Williams never expressed loathing toward any group — as Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez and Mel Gibson did toward Jews.
He didn’t Utter a Forbidden Word While White on radio — like Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s ironic N-word.

And he didn’t present himself as a policeman of Muslim fashion trends. ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser was suspended for publicly ripping into the short, tight skirts squished into by his colleague Hannah Storm.

Williams spoke, with a dollop of guilt, about himself.

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