Joy Behar moronically claims "Palins Base Doesn’t Read"


Photo Credit: sskennel Creative Commons

Maybe that paraphrase of one of Yogi Berra’s famous malapropisms helps to explain this dichotomy on the left. Over the weekend, esteemed broadcast professional Joy Behar, who replaced Glenn Beck on CNN’s Headline News channel when he went off to green pastures and boffo ratings at Fox, told her viewer that Sarah Palin’s “base doesn’t even read:”

Joy Behar expressed confusion about the success of Sarah Palin’s book because, according to the CNN Headline News/ABC talk show host, a lot of the former governor’s “base doesn’t even read.”

Behar slammed Palin, as well as Glenn Beck, Carrie Prejean and other conservatives  during her “look back at 2009″ edition of the “Joy Behar Show” that re-aired over Christmas weekend.

An “esteemed” panel consisting of comedians Sandra Bernhard, Mo Rocca and Dave Attell joined Behar in mocking this year’s prominent voices on the right.

Bernhard claimed that people who bought Palin’s book “like to look at pictures. There’s only one on the cover, but they like to look at that picture.”

But back in November, the Huffington Post pondered a “Separate NY Times Bestsellers List for ‘Conservative Blockbusters:’”

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Photo Credit: sskennel (Creative Commons)


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