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John McCain, stop spraying perfume on the Muslim Brotherhood


I’m watching Fox News Sunday this Memorial Day listening to the great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, whine about the failure of America to protect some Middle East terrorists from other Middle East terrorists in Syria. Following up his disgraceful support (along with that of S.of S. Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama) of the Muslim Brotherhood takeovers in Libya and Egypt, he is near-apoplectic in our failure to fight terrorist’s battles for them.

I would like to ask this great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, what our upside has been in Libya and Egypt? We are now funding our avowed enemies, an organization dedicated to destroying America from both within and without. We are still giving over a billion dollars a year to Egypt. We give hundreds of millions of dollars to the PLO.

Why does he think America would get any benefit from different terrorists killing Muslims in place of Syria’s Assad? The ignorance or purposeful mendacity of those who try to defend what is happening in the Middle East (and our funding and support for it), proclaiming it is in some way a march towards “Freedom and Democracy,” is staggering!

Once again, the teachers’ unions and forced failure of the education system have come to the rescue of the radical anti-Americans running this administration.

The Mainstream Media can throw around the word “democracy” about what is happening, like “democracy” is a good thing! But mob rule is not something we should be supporting, anywhere in the world.

I am grateful to the military man, John McCain, for his past actions in defense of this nation. I am disgusted by the politician, Senator John McCain, for his campaign of ignorance and propaganda on behalf of America’s most vociferous and active enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood.

My God, this embarrassment to the Senate, the great “Progressive” icon of the right, Senator John McCain, actually just stopped the conversation to remind Americans and the world that there are “grades of Muslim Brotherhood!”

Well said, Imam McCain, I’m sure your lies have them dancing in the aisles at CAIR, the terrorist organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, and equally dedicated to destroying America. They spend millions of dollars trying to spread the lies you just spouted.

I noticed, Senator McCain, that you didn’t mention where we could go to find the new rules of some of the “grades of the Muslim Brotherhood.” You know, where they call off their plan to destroy America.

You gave no names of so-called “moderate” members of the Muslim Brotherhood willing to stand up next to you, Imam John McCain, and state they are willing to live with a free, non-Muslim America in the world.

I hope this Memorial Day was a thoughtful day, one in which we contemplated that our future soldiers will be asked to die for the choices we make this November. Elections have consequences on more than just the price of gas.

Never be afraid to shake the hand and thank our uniformed citizens when you have a chance.

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