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John Boehner’s Lack Of Courage Might Actually Help Freedom With Stalled “E-Verify” Legislation


John Boehner has been criticized for exhibiting less than courageous behavior in dealings with Eric Holder, Barack Obama and most of the Democrat Party. Yet the Speaker’s well-known lack of intestinal fortitude might be the only thing preserving the right of states like Arizona to make and enforce their own laws dealing with illegal aliens and the businesses which employ them.

Last year, the House of Representatives, led by Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, advanced H.R. 2885, the Legal Workforce Act which if passed into law would “…require all employers to use the federal E-Verify program to identify fake or stolen Social Security numbers used by illegal workers.

Passed out of the Judiciary Committee in September, the bill has remained in the Ways and Means Committee ever since, stalled it is said by order of Speaker John Boehner.

Any number of Republican politicians and conservative websites have been up in arms over Boehner’s unwillingness to bring HR 2885 to the House floor for a vote.

After all, what could possibly be bad about legislation which would help to identify illegals, expose stolen Social Security card rackets and fine or jail employers keeping illegals gainfully employed even though they are in the country contrary to the laws of the land. Seems like a border defender’s dream come true!

But HR 2885 contains a “Preemption” clause which says state and local government would no longer be permitted to enforce employer provisions in current immigration law. That is, should the bill become law, everything having to do with E-Verify and the enforcement of related immigration law itself would be turned over to the tender care of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security!

It would therefore be left entirely to Napolitano’s discretion to enforce relevant immigration law as States would no longer be permitted ANY legislative or judicial involvement in making certain that employers did not hire illegals, or that illegals did not obtain and use forged or stolen Social Security information.

Of course everyone knows how diligent the Regime has been when it comes to enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws!

And standing in the way of the Obama Administration’s ability to consolidate even greater federal authority over enforcement of immigration law is John Boehner by virtue of the “hold” he has placed on a House vote.

But make no mistake, John Boehner stalled HR 2885 NOT because it was the right thing to do and NOT to preserve the important rights of the States involved, but because he was afraid that Republicans voting in favor of the legislation would be viewed as “anti-Latino” in this, an election year!

As House Speaker, Boehner should take a strong stand against HR 2885 in its current form by pointing to the dangers inherent in a law which would rob the States of any authority to make and enforce immigration law within their own borders by placing that authority in the hands of an Administration which has no intention of enforcing immigration law at all.

Instead, Boehner ignores the immigration control wishes of the Party base and the majority of the nation as he cowers at the thought of losing a Latino vote the Republican Party never had!

In any event, although Boehner did the right thing for the wrong reason, at least his renowned lack of fortitude has paid off by thus far preventing the fox being placed in charge of the chicken house.

Apparently a blind, Republican squirrel sometimes CAN find an acorn.

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