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Joe Miller’s Pro-Life Stance Drew Praise At Alaska Family Action Debate

“Why are we going to punish the sons and daughters for the fathers’ sins?”


A debate among Republican U.S. Senate hopefuls in Alaska earlier this week took an in-depth look at the issue of abortion. Tea Party-backed candidate Joe Miller set himself apart from his two primary competitors by asserting that he is firmly pro-life in all circumstances.

CitizenLink President Tom Minnery served as moderator at the Alaska Family Action debate, using the opportunity to delve into the views each candidate holds.

As Miller pointed out, his GOP rivals, Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell, supported pro-abortion Republican Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 Senate election. Minnery noted that, along with Democrat Sen. Mark Begich, Murkowski voted for a recent bill that would give American women even more access to the deadly procedure.

As for Miller’s opponents, each acknowledged they embrace exceptions to their purportedly pro-life views. Sullivan said he believes abortion should be available in cases of rape and incest, while Treadwell thinks the mother’s welfare should be a consideration.

Instead of focusing on exceptions, Miller concluded that “we ought to be talking about life” and saving “every life we can.”

He did note that, if both a woman and her child cannot be saved in a complicated pregnancy, saving the life of the mother is an appropriate protection. As for rape exceptions, however, he used a personal narrative to make his point.

A family that has supported his campaign, Miller explained, adopted a son conceived through rape, noting that Aaron is now an adult and a father to four children of his own.

“Why are we going to punish the sons and daughters for the fathers’ sins?” he asked.

Miller encouraged those who favor such exceptions to speak to Aaron or other pro-life activists with similar pasts.

“These are real-life stories,” he explained. “You talk to Aaron, he would say this is a real world issue. This is me standing here flesh and bone. Why would you punish me and my right to life for the sin of another?”


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