Attorney (self-prosecutor) that he is, The Joker summed it up at the end.

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Well let me tell ya. My record stands for itself. I never say anything I don’t mean. Everybody knows, whatever I say, I do. And, uh, my whole life has been devoted to leveling the playing field for middle class people, giving them an even break.

He then spoke of people being given “a shot,” but I don’t think he was referring to The “Middle Class” Drinking Game.

So, per Biden, egalitarianism, that is, government dispensing enforced fairness, is the essence of his political philosophy. And so, he really is something of a communist, the essential slogan of which is:

Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!
in Karl Marx’ original German

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need!
Marx, from his Critique of the Gotha Program

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Photo Credit: Floyd Brown (Creative Commons)

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