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Janitor fired for pointing out flag desecration


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A veteran who, until recently, worked as a janitor for the Stanley County School District in South Dakota, said he was fired for speaking out against a colleague’s mistreatment of the American flag.

After posting a photograph of a crumpled flag clumsily left in the school’s boiler room and bringing his concerns to the superintendent, Cesar Zakahi reported he was unceremoniously relieved of his duties.

He described a fellow janitor’s treatment of the flag, saying she would “bundle it up in her arms, go into the boiler room, roll the South Dakota flag and the United States flag up in a bundle and throw it on top of a boiler.”

Despite his consistent attempts to show her the correct way to handle the flags, he said she replied that it was “too much of a bother” and continued her disrespectful behavior.

Instead of reprimanding an inconsiderate employee, the school district fired Zakahi for merely bringing the issue to light.

The superintendent “told me that I had overstepped my bounds as an employee,” he said, speculating the incident was something the retiring administrator was trying to “sweep … under the rug.”

A statement from the school district claims “our investigation did not reflect a mishandling of the flags” and states administrators “question … if the pictures circulating are an accurate reflection of how the flags were stored.”

An attorney, who happens to also be a veteran, has offered Zakahi legal services; and I imagine more details will surface as this case moves forward.

Unfortunately, since the left has ushered in a new era of thought describing patriotism as jingoistic and encouraging Americans to view their country as no more special than any other, such basic respect for our flag has largely been relegated to obscurity.

Fortunately, there are millions of strong-willed and patriotic citizens who refuse to stand by and watch their nation’s legacy be tarnished by those who would rather salute the flag of political correctness than show our own the respect it deserves.
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