James J. Lee, environmental militant, slain at Discovery building after taking hostages


Editors Note: This story should serve as a sharp contrast against the mainstream media and the Obama administration’s profiling of right wing extremists. While Napolitano, Chris Matthews, and the other talking heads lament the impact Glenn Beck is allegedly having in stirring up violence without proof ; here is a man inspired by Al Gore to take bombs and guns into the Discovery Channel building. Thankfully no one was hurt besides the eco terrorist. If a right wing extremist had done something like this, the talking heads and the Obama administration would be talking about the need for censorship or that Beck and Limbaugh were somehow responsible for the event. The double standard is unbelievable.

James J. Lee divided the world into good and bad. According to his writings on a Web site he created, people were bad, especially “parasitic” babies.

Animals and bugs were good, Lee wrote. But war was bad, along with global warming, pollution and international trade.

As for civilization?

The environmental militant who was killed Wednesday at the end of a tense hostage standoff at Discovery Communications headquarters in downtown Silver Spring, termed it “filth.”

Lee, 43, who once threw money to bystanders as a protest along a Silver Spring street and who believed that the world would be better off without people, was shot by police after the almost four-hour standoff. Police have not publicly named Lee, but several local and federal law enforcement sources identified him as the gunman.

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