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Jackie Chan: Ingrate


The Chinese action star (who is a multi-millionaire thanks to capitalism) recently called the United States (where his fortune was made!) the “most corrupt country in the world”!

Hmm, compared to China, Earth’s largest totalitarian regime, we’re not doing too badly.

Religion of any kind is under government attack there; the violently-persecuted Falun Gong faith comes readily to mind.

70 million Chinese citizens are now criminals because their government is anti-religion.

Female infants are routinely killed.

Its 97% Han ethnicity often consider, in very politically incorrect terms, the rest of humanity savages.

Yep: compared to these human right abuses, I guess America wins the global corruption sweepstakes.

We’ve got our problems from legitimized socialism to crony-capitalism; but we have a system that can correct itself when the public unites.

China isn’t even interested in the pretense of changing its imperialist, racist, anti-female culture. If anything, they work to expand that culture’s stranglehold over more of the world.

On second thought, wasn’t it the “world’s most corrupt” country (America) that allowed Jackie Chan to become rich beyond his wildest dreams?

Unlike the late Bruce Lee, who loved American culture, Chan seems to overlook this inconvenient truth.

Sounds like a form of corruption Jackie Chan should be grateful to have experienced!

I’ll keep this in mind the next time I see him in a commercial.


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