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It’s Time To Take it To The Left!


As long as I can remember, the leftist politicians of this nation have controlled the media, the conversation, and Washington, DC. Even if they didn’t have any real power, they expected everyone to bow down to them and their wishes. If the right-thinking individuals hold the majority, the left screams for compromise. If the left holds the majority, they always seem to leave the right out of the conversation.

The problem that our great nation now faces is that the left has become radicalized. They have embraced socialist and communist concepts and are now hellbent on bringing  the great United States of America to her knees. They have gotten into bed with the huge labor unions and are now allowing them to write policy.

In the meantime, the leaders on the right remain complacent and just go along with leaders of the left for fear of being demonized by the left-wing , government-controlled media. Both sides are no longer listening to “We the People”, who have the Constitutional power over them. The only voice that we have now is either through the conservative commentators who don’t care what the left throws at them, or through blog sites where we can voice OUR opinions. The question is: is anyone listening?

Each and every Freedom-Loving American must now turn the tide on this condescending, left-wing controlled conversation. We MUST present our conservative ideas and take control of the conversation. We must assure those in Congress who still actually have a back bone that we stand with them in their fight to save our country. We must question everything and hold all accountable. Sure, we will make enemies , but in the end, our country will survive.

The United States Constitution has guaranteed us the power over government for a reason. Now, we must use this power to right the corruption that has fallen upon our nation by self-serving politicians seeking only to fatten their own wallets and get re-elected. The time has come to give America back to her people. As always my fellow Patriots, stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.

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