It’s Obama’s Birthday! Maybe


It’s Aug. 4, and that means it’s President Obama’s 49th birthday. Maybe?

I have only one thing in common with Barack Obama, or so he wants me to believe. We were both born in 1961. I celebrated my own 49th Birthday last March.

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But Obama has lied to us about so much, I have my doubts today’s his birthday. What proof do we have that he was born in 1961? What proof that he was born on August 4th?

I love Rush Limbaugh. He can make me laugh about serious issues. He did it yesterday.

Limbaugh quipped on his radio program about Obama’s ongoing failure to reveal his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate.

“Tomorrow is Obama’s birthday. Not that we’ve seen any proof of that, but tomorrow is Obama’s birthday.”

“And they’re trying to rally Obama’s base by sending out fundraising letters. … What? We haven’t seen any proof of that! They tell us August 4th is the birthday; we haven’t seen any proof of that! Sorry. It is what it is.”

This serious issue should not be ignored, and I am glad that Rush has the courage to speak openly. Whenever you ask this simple question you are unbraided by liberals, the media, and even by some conservatives. They fear an honest discussion of our ongoing constitutional crisis.

So while the left is partying the night away raising money to radically change America on Obama’s birthday, I hope you will use the day to talk about this important issue with others. No better day to talk about the controversy with friends, family and co-workers.

Without proof of birth, Obama may not be eligible to be president. The US Constitution, which is still the law of the land, has very specific qualifications for eligibility to run. I believe that the reason for these special qualifications is because our Founders wanted to make sure any person that could have dual allegiances would never be elected. This simple idea has protected America until this election.

As much as Liberals and the left want this issue to go away, we will never shut up until we see the document. And my hunch is that the largest and boldest fraud ever perpetrated in our history could be unfolding before our eyes.

So I won’t be sending Birthday wishes to Washington today.

By Floyd Brown, Western Journalism


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