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It’s ALL About OIL — Period!


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A British think tank, Chatham House, has just released a report that confirms what many of us have always known (but environmental wackos refuse to believe.)  The group says that biofuels harm the planet more than fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are a lot more cost effective.

What’s caused my blood to boil is that we (the sane conservative majority) have silently stood by for decades while the most extreme elements of the left have stayed in motion, fighting for their depraved cause.  We may have thought that because we were right, we would eventually win the battle.  That logic is as naïve as if David, when he was facing the towering Goliath, had not bent down to pick up some stones for his slingshot, passively assuming that God would make everything right.

IF we had fought these social terrorists decades ago, we would not have needed to go into Kuwait in 1991 when Saddam Hussein invaded the country and was determined to blow up their oil fields.  HAD we had been energy independent then, we could have, perhaps, offered some humanitarian assistance (but little else.)

Thanks to the weakness of presidential administrations going back decades (obviously, both parties are to blame), we went into Kuwait (NOT for the noble reasons then stated) to prevent this nasty dictator (who hated us) from blowing up some real estate of another country that also had no love for the U.S.

The plain truth (I agree with the ‘anti-war’ groups on this point) is that it really was all about the oil.  But the story in the liberal media should not have ended there.  It was ‘all about oil’ because the agenda-driven environmentalists have blocked every effort here in America for American companies to tap into the vast resources of crude oil beneath the surface of many areas of the United States.

Had it not been for the ‘tree-hugger’ extremists, many U.S. soldiers who died in these senseless Middle East deployments would have been alive today, raising their families and going on with their American Dream.

I think these groups have a whole lot of blood on their hands, and for WHAT?  Though they have disrupted a lot of progress in the United States, they have no factual data to justify or document the chaos they have caused for decades.  With liberal/progressive ‘fanatics,’ it is always about “feelings,” not facts.

If administrations of both parties had pushed back decades ago, we would have a lot more troops still alive today, a lot more money in our national bank account (with a positive rather than a negative balance via savings from ‘wars’ and deployments that never happened), and a whole lot more jobs, thanks to fossil fuel extraction sites around the nation. We would also not now be thinking that $3.39 a gallon for gasoline is a real BARGAIN!

I think it might be time to start pushing back — before it is just plain TOO LATE!





Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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