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It’s A Protection Rifle, Not An Assault Weapon!


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Why do the constitutional, true Americans of the Right allow the left to demonize and humiliate them? When and where did the term “assault weapon” come to be? It appears that it started quite a while ago by Hitler speaking about his new gun design that he liked so much he called it “sturmgewehr,” or “Storm rifle.” This morphed over the years to assault rifle in military jargon but was never a term used by civilians.

The term is used by the military for training in assault situations. Hence the weapons are intended for assault.

But in the hands of the civilian population whose gun ownership purpose is for sport shooting, hunting, or defense, it is a protection rifle, not a weapon. Referring to civilian rifles (automatic or not) as assault weapons is improper usage of the word “assault”.

Calling gun owners’ protection guns “weapons for assault” infers civilian intent to assault someone. This is an insane idea propagated by the LSM and anti-gun advocates to propagate fear-mongering. Calling peace-loving protectors an assault threat is an assault on us personally. It ever sounds scary to me!

People keep asking why civilians need assault-style weapons. This truly is a moot irrational question. The term “protection” infers resistance to assault or harm. If people are going to attempt to assault you with assault-style weapons…your anti-assault protection plan better be able to stand up against the assault weapons of the enemy or criminal.

In short… fight fire with fire. The civilian population needs to be just as well-armed as anyone else, be it against criminals or an invasion force.

I have guns for protection and hunting. I have a protection anti-assault rifle, not an assault weapon that I want to use to assault people with.

Please gun owners…stop letting the left demonize you as a traitor and a threat because you are willing to keep protection guns and rifles at the ready to protect life and liberty and to enforce the peace.

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