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It Matters Not Where Obama Was Born


What does matter is that according to British Law, a child born of a British subject-father is also a British subject as well at birth. The Constitution is very clear, and three Supreme Court cases had ruled that a “Natural Born Citizen” is an offspring of parents who are both American citizens at the time of their child’ birth.

The Constitution is also very clear why someone who might become president cannot have any allegiance to any other country. We now see first hand why the “Framers” were so insistent on that particular point.  There is little if any doubt in anyone’s mind that Obama has a definite loyalty towards Muslims; after all, he was raised as a Muslim during his formative years in Indonesia.
Since Obama Sr. was a British Subject, Obama Jr. was NOT born of parents who were BOTH American citizens; so once again, it matters not where he was born. What does matter is that according to the Constitution, he does not, nor ever did qualify to become president of the United States.
The group that for many years had conspired to create the “Manchurian Candidate” neglected to forge one simple document; there is absolutely no credible evidence that Obama Sr. ever legally married Obama’s supposed mother, Ann Dunham.  They did, however, create a divorce certificate between Obama Sr. and his mother. I suspect the purpose of having done so was to try and provide some sort of eligibility to Obama Jr. in that they must have been once married (since there is a divorce document that was created.)  I wonder if the signatures on that divorce document were ever verified by the FBI to be the actual signatures of both Ann Dunham and Obama Sr.
Like everything else about Obama, the mystery remains as to who his real father is, and the only way the American people will know for certain is through a DNA match.  We know where his supposed father, Obama Sr., is buried; we also know where Frank Marshall Davis is buried. I also believe that a DNA sample provided by his half-brother or his aunt would help to provide a DNA link if there was indeed a direct DNA connection between Obama Jr. and his other supposed living relatives.
Once again, none of the above really matters, since what we do know directly from Obama Jr.’s own words is that his father was born in Kenya and his father was not an American citizen at Obama’s supposed birth; no more needs to be known.  The Constitution is very clear as to why Obama Jr. does not nor ever did qualify to become president.
End of story!

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