Israel Slams Media Bias


by Maayana Miskin, Israel National News

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni criticized Arab media bias in an interview with the pan-Arab network Al-Jazeera on Monday. “When you show one-sided images from Gaza you’re not helping peace,” she told her interviewer.

Arab media outlets broadcast images that inspire rage and hostility, Livni said, adding, “We want a better future for this region.” Arab media have repeatedly broadcast images of children supposedly wounded or killed in the Gaza operation, and many outlets have failed to mention that the vast majority of those killed were armed members of Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Israel does not intentionally hurt Gaza civilians, while Hamas intentionally aims for Israeli civilians, Livni said in the interview. Hamas bears the responsibility for any civilian casualties in Gaza, because the group’s terrorists hide among the civilian population, she said. “Hamas is indifferent to the fate of Gaza’s inhabitants,” Livni added.

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