Israel-Iran trade ties thriving


Iranian money appears to be stronger than the Iranian threat, as dozens of Israeli companies have been holding secret trade relations with the Islamic Republic in recent years.

Although the ties have been slightly limited in the past decade following Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s calls for Israel’s destruction, trade between the two countries continues.

The business relations are conducted through companies active in Turkey, Jordan and Dubai, which are registered in Europe and exposed to an American boycott.

“Despite what is seen on the ground, the secret relations with Iran total tens of millions of dollars a year,” says Yehoshua Meiri, chairman of the Israeli-Arab Friendship Association, which encourages the development of economic relations as an alternative to a peace process.

“Even when harsh statements are made on both sides, business thrives,” says Hemeiri. “Relations with the Iranian colleagues are excellent, and political statements are ignored.

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