Is this Man the Next President?


Rand Paul 4 SC

JERUSALEM – You say it’s too early to choose a candidate for president in 2016?

Let me tell you something: It’s never too early, unless you want to be left with a Republican selection like those since Ronald Reagan left office in 1988 – establishment GOP picks who, for the most part, are either losers or winners who continue business as usual in Washington.

Why am I excited about Sen. Rand Paul in 2016?

Because he genuinely understands the absolute need to reduce spending, return to the constitutional limits on the federal government and stop borrowing – not 10 years from now, but now.

Secondly, Paul has shown an ability to beat the Republican establishment by bringing together a coalition of libertarians, evangelicals and tea-party activists on common principles.

Thirdly, I believe he will start with a strong base of support built by his father, Ron Paul – a base representing close to 20 percent of the Republican and independent vote. That is a formidable base – better than any other potential GOP candidate starts with in a bid to reclaim the White House in four years

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