Is This A Joke Headline? ‘Obama to Order $100 Million in Budget Cuts’


By Tim Graham

Barack Obama

What happens when the White House publicity points collide with hard fiscal facts? Which side will win, the spin or the facts? See this Washington Post headline: “Obama to Order $100 Million in Budget Cuts.” Is this a joke headline? Isn’t this “order” totally swamped by all of the spending Obama and the Democrats in Congress have approved? The deficit for March just set a monthly record of $192.3 billion, with a B. How is $100 million more than a rounding error, or a day of interest on the Obama stimulus? Post White House correspondent Michael Fletcher acknowledged the hard facts in paragraph 4:
Earlier this month, both chambers of Congress passed Obama’s $3.5 trillion budget outline for 2010, which includes unprecedented new investments in health care, education and energy. But the huge budget, which contemplates a $1.2 trillion deficit, has drawn the ire of small-government conservatives, who say that such high deficits jeopardize the nation’s economic future.

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