By Tim Graham

Barack Obama

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What happens when the White House publicity points collide with hard fiscal facts? Which side will win, the spin or the facts? See this Washington Post headline: “Obama to Order $100 Million in Budget Cuts.” Is this a joke headline? Isn’t this “order” totally swamped by all of the spending Obama and the Democrats in Congress have approved? The deficit for March just set a monthly record of $192.3 billion, with a B. How is $100 million more than a rounding error, or a day of interest on the Obama stimulus? Post White House correspondent Michael Fletcher acknowledged the hard facts in paragraph 4:
Earlier this month, both chambers of Congress passed Obama’s $3.5 trillion budget outline for 2010, which includes unprecedented new investments in health care, education and energy. But the huge budget, which contemplates a $1.2 trillion deficit, has drawn the ire of small-government conservatives, who say that such high deficits jeopardize the nation’s economic future.

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