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If you stand back and watch the circus going on in Washington D. C., you would observe the following: first, the Republicans are so busy negotiating the solution to the “fiscal cliff” crisis that they forget that compromise takes TWO parties. Second, we have a President who makes “give me what I want, or else” ultimatums and then busies himself doing non-essential, unimportant activities, in the almost mistaken belief that he can pin all the consequences of his failure of leadership on the Republicans. The Progressives (aka. Democrats) have NOT offered anything more substantial than”raise the taxes on the rich”, knowing full well that it won’t make even a small dent in our debt. Obama and the Progressives merely want to punish the successful and keep spending like drunken sailors! The Republican dog keeps chasing its tail while the Progressives look on and laugh, feeling so smug that none of the fallout will land on them when in fact they are doing NOTHING to avoid the coming crisis.

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What the Progressives are asking for is to give the heroin addict more heroin if he gives you his “promise” to quit later. Progressives aren’t stupid because Obama himself said that the biggest drivers of our deficit spending are Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He admitted that these programs need to be REFORMED, not discontinued; but Obama also realizes that these entitlement programs buy votes and keep his Progressives in power. Hurt the seniors, the poor, and those in need; and you cut your own political throat. The stark reality for ALL politicians is that they realize that these programs are NOT sustainable in their current form.

The Republican leadership is so busy trying to diminish the influence of the Tea Party representatives because  the socialist left has succeeded, with the help of their propaganda wing (formerly known as the Main Stream Media), in painting the Tea Party as “extreme right wing nut jobs”  that they have ceased to hear the voices of real people. The Republican “establishment” has surrendered their spine in a vain attempt to be liked by the MSM, not realizing that too many of the media have already sold their soul to the devil.

Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Van Hollen, Chuck Schumer, and all the other Progressive leadership are all hoping that the country does go over the fiscal cliff because it will actually accomplish almost EVERYTHING that the Progressives want to achieve. Taxes will go up on EVERYONE! Tax rates will rise to Clinton era levels, and taxes on dividends and investments will rise, stifling economic growth. It also DOES NOT do anything to stop the extreme overspending by Obama and his Progressives. In other words, those guys want what they want with no compromise! I didn’t realize that we now lived under a dictatorship, but I’ve been wrong before.

Lindsay Graham, Bob Corker, and all the other Progressive Republican lap dogs need to stop throwing themselves face down on the concrete in front of Obama. Sit at the negotiating table like adults; and if Obama pulls his usual tantrum throwing and walks out on the negotiations because he can’t have his way, then go to the microphones and explain to the American people and lay out what was offered and what was rejected before Obama and his propaganda machine has a chance to spin the truth away.

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