Is the Media ’Manufacturing (Gay) Consent’?



by Kilian Melloy

gay pride flag 3 SC

     Does the media slant public sympathy toward GLBT persons when reporting on bias crimes and other acts of violence against gays by heterosexuals, while refusing to report on the wrongdoing of gay perpetrators?
If so, has the public become conditioned to vilify anyone who attempts to set the record (no pun intended) straight?
     In an April 23 article appearing at American Thinker, Alicia Colon posits that this is indeed the case.
Colon’s article, titled “Manufacturing Consent for the Gay Agenda,” consciously references the title of the book “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media” by Noam Chomsky, in which Chomsky, together with co-author Edward S. Herman, argues that American journalism, far from being balanced and objective, plays to powerful interests in molding public perception and opinion for financial or political reasons.


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