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Fox has released a story concerning our Border Patrol and all armed DHS employees that should solidify your trust and hope in our Federal government’s decisions about you safety! New instructions sent to Border Patrol agents (and all armed Department of Homeland Security personell) state the following if they find themselves in the presence of an “active shooter”:

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#1. Evacuate (or in English “RUUUUUUUUN!”)

#2 There being no safe escape route then HIDE!

#3 If all else fails, as a LAST resort, take action!

Needless to say, the professionals of the Border Patrol are, to put it lightly, not happy. These instructions come in the form of a “must watch video” and printed material issue by DHS.

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Makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over knowing that our inappropriately named “Department of Homeland SECURITY,” has instructed it’s agent to run and hide if they encounter a thug with a gun trying to kill people, doesn’t it? What are the other unarmed people around the impotent agents supposed to do besides die? Is Janet Napolitano that much of a scumbag, and Barack Obama so eager to sell us out to the lawlessness on our Southern borders, that they are willing to allow American citizens to die in the presence of professionally armed Border Patrol agents who could stop the shooter?

Is our Commander-in-Chief really surrendering our Southern borders and security just for the sake of trying to get re-elected? Ah, but here is my opportunity to start, what I believe, will be a thriving business on both ends of the United States. First, I’m going to ask that all firearms companies making high powered sniper rifles allow me to test their products on our Southern border. Secondly, I would like to invite all former military and civilian snipers (at least those who can handle a powerful gun without having the recoil slam their butt into the nearest tree) to a competition. This competition would be as follows: Each shooter would be given targets consisting of drug cartel members and coyotes (those people who smuggle illegal aliens across the border) at varying distances. Points will be given for distance of shots, where impact occurred (head shots, body shots, and extra points for “butt shots”) and number of shots taken.

Shooters will be stationed on the same American high ground formerly occupied by Mexican drug cartel spotters, (until the Seal Teams cleaned them out just prior to our contest,) so that multiple shooters can engage at the same time. The civilian shooters (if not ex-military) will be directed to their targets by their spotters so as not to shoot some innocent monk by mistake. The contest will last until the only dogs left to raise their heads on the Southern side of the border are prairie dogs. The best shooter matched with the best rifle will receive a van full of marijuana to be converted in cash in California (if they have the money) by selling the pot to the “medicinal marijuana” clinics that dot the state. California, land of the lib and home of the stoned.

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