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Is Obama Planning a Third Term?


Photo credit: Dave Merrick

There are several theories, but there is more talk that Obama now plans a third term in 2016. What, you say?  “That’s unconstitutional! ” Well, when has a little thing like that ever stopped Obama?  Why not, when you can reportedly safely steal elections, decree executive orders for anything one wants, and go on endless expensive vacations?

His aim is to emulate Franklin Roosevelt, who died in the first year of his 4th term (April 1945) and to have that kind of power. Besides, Obama’s plans will not be completed by 2016–so he needs to finish off the job–of tearing down this colonial, military-loving, rich superpower of America.  He must have played with Tonka toys where kids delight in building intricate towers and buildings, only to laugh when knocking them down.

Obama is not dumb but is far-reaching, manipulative, and conniving due to his roots steeped in anti-colonialism from his perceived father’s ideology and is surrounded with like-minded associates. According to Dinash D’ Souza in “Obama’s America,” while he only saw Obama Sr. a couple of times, his mother kept his father’s ideology and dream alive in his son’s eyes. And later, Obama Jr. gravitated towards people who also had an anti-colonialist, Marxist, anti-capitalist ideology, which only fosters his beliefs from his father.

Another theory is that while Obama appears to downgrade and over-regulate oil, natural gas, and fracking shale development, especially on public lands, he will suddenly allow it so that by 2016, we will be swimming in oil. We will be the # 1 exporter of it, and we will have another oil boom as was seen in the early 1900s in Texas. This will give him incredible power, control, and money for dishing it out to his favorite unions and donors and allowing more and more government entitlements and amnesty for immigrants. Apparently, for now, he wants to keep unemployment high, too, as the unemployed are persons he can control even more.

But to allow himself to be elected again (after all, he is already out there campaigning again), Obama’s henchmen could stir up unrest, pit the “haves” against the “have nots”, assess higher taxes on all the rich (except oil producers), and declare Martial Law, and therefore suspend the  the 2016 election indefinitely (or just decide he will run regardless.) So far, we have seen a weak Republican offense against him since they have taken no action on all the illegal things he has done and all the lies he has told.

Another theory is that he may not run but will work with a proxy with his already-set-up ground game and ability to get campaign money from large donors and small ones on the internet, with no one stopping him from getting money from other countries, and to go with even more voter fraud. Who is going to stop him? What was Bill Clinton promised in order for him to speak for Obama at the convention and to campaign for him, when they have not been friends since Hillary’s campaign?

Already, someone has introduced a bill in the House to appeal the 22nd Amendment, which stated that Presidents should only serve two terms.

Something is being planned; why is the Dept. of Homeland Security buying millions of rounds of ammo and the latest heavy-style tanks? Would they round up the dissenters into detention camps and  take away money through high taxes on the rest? Then who is left to complain? Through UN treaties, our gun rights as well as property rights may be taken away from us, no thanks to a liberal Senate that could vote to ratify them and thus go against our own sovereignty and our rights.

Obama and his hand-grown liberal media will continue to demonize Republicans all the time, as he did Romney in the campaign, until we possibly lose the House in 2014. Then for two years, he will have full control again over Congress. In the meantime ObamaCare will get rid of the old who see through his ambitions as well as the ill and children and tax the rest to death. Who will stop him? So far, no one has stopped his march to take over our country. Could it be because he is untouchable since he is black and they are afraid to rock the boat?

We are living in a  far more dangerous world now with a severely weakened America. Who could or would save us? What candidate for the Republican Party could possibly have a chance at all then? Where could martyred or blacklisted Americans then go?

Photo credit: Dave Merrick



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