For the past six months, retired Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin has been writing columns here at Canada Free Press (CFP), averaging around three per week. His columns have been studiously focused on the subject of Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States.

Colonel Sellin’s objective seemingly has been to provide enough factual information on the subject for public discussion and opinion, sprinkled with many personal conclusions to determine Obama’s IN-eligibility to serve in that office.

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Sellin’s columns in CFP are not alone in this regard with several other columnists, myself included, for the past few years, but his columns have been gathering an abundance of comments and questions from CFP readers which mainly result in posing the question, “What can we do about it?”

Below are write-in responses to Sellin’s columns as provided by readers to CFP. The names have been omitted but are available online at the CFP website in the ‘Comments’ section of Sellin’s column:

“I am under the impression only Congress can start impeachment proceedings against president for any reason. So how now do we (the citizens) hold our member of Congress to their oath to the constitution to pursue this actively and immediately. Facts are facts. They choose not to pursue this how do we hold them accountable?”

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