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Is Obama Caving To The Taliban?


This week Washington officials announced that five Taliban prisoners will be released from Guantanamo Bay and transported to Qatar. Even though the exact nature of the prisoner transfer hasn’t been announced it is most likely a good will gesture to encourage the Taliban into enter into peace negotiations. The five terrorists were selected by the Taliban leadership as a precondition to talks.  Ignoring the objections of the military and intelligence experts Barack Obama is going ahead with the transfer the terrorists.  According to Rep Mike Rogers (R-MI) the administration’s outreach to the Taliban is an act of “desperation.”

What will Qatar do?

According to The Cable, Senate leadership was notified of the prison transfer in a classified briefing.  Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), who attended the briefing wanted to know “what assurances we have from the [Qatari] government that they are not going to be released?” According to the Senator the Taliban are planning to open an office in Qatar. He believes that the Afghans had no say in the matter.

As a concession Afghan leadership was granted some vague legal custody over the prisoners which are about as useless as the paper it was written upon.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) described the transfer as a deal to get the Taliban to renounce violence in exchange for the prisoners.  Nevertheless, the most probable scenario is that the Taliban are taking advantage of a desperate President during an election year by just playing along until the combat troops leave Afghanistan when they take over  the country onceagain. The Taliban is in no hurry to negotiate, they know the longer they wait the more desperate Obama will get. This President just showed them that he is weak.

Wrong Message

This White House occupant sent a strong massage to America’s allies saying: We can’t be trusted. The people of Afghanistan who just discovered freedom will lose it and their lives, their children lives and anyone else from the retaliation of the returning Taliban animals. Obama will surrender the country to Islamic terrorist thugs over the dead bodies of American and NATO troops who fought to rid Afghanistan of the terrorist mafia. Why? The desperate man-child of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. wants another four years. What will the Mainstream Media report? It’s Bush’s fault.

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