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A racist is someone who constantly uses race to explain the world we live in and, in the case of activists, exploits it in the course of finding solutions to political issues.

It may come as a surprise to most Americans that throughout Obama’s career, he has been fixated upon race and this obsession has clearly informed all aspects of his worldview. The media did their best to ignore this aspect of Obama as they feared exposing such an agenda would scare voters away from him. Instead, they constantly portrayed Obama as a racial “unifier.”

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But the fact remains that whether it is hate crimes, quotas, reparations, bogus “driving while black” statistics, association with black separatists, and so forth, race for Obama appears to be key to the development of his worldview.

It is important to expose this because our goal should be a color-blind society; moreover, race-based decisions always come at the expense of the rights of others. Obama’s use of race in politics will, ironically, create racial dissension—not to mention confuse the American ideal of equality.

Obama’s obsession with race began in his youth and continued throughout his community organizer career, his political career, and is still evident today.

Obama’s first Mentor is a Racist

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Obama’s first lessons on race came from a certified racist named Frank Marshall Davis. As Obama even indicates in his book, Dreams from My Father, “Frank,” as the book refers him, was his mentor and substitute father. This relationship, according to researchers, lasted from age 9 until Obama left for college.

According to FBI documents obtained by Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival, Davis was identified by Congressional investigators as a key member of the United States Communist Party. He was either under investigation or under surveillance during much of the Cold War due to his pro-Soviet activities. Indeed, Davis continued to be involved with Communist Party activities during the years he was Obama’s mentor.

Davis’s purpose for residing in Hawaii at that time couldn’t be clearer; the Communist Party had targeted Hawaii largely because of its strategic location and the role it played in our defense effort. Ironically, the mainstream media has decided to hide this story.

sexrebelblackWhat’s more, Davis was a less than an ideal mentor. He has been identified by researchers as a sex pervert who wrote a memoir titled, Sex Rebel: Black Memoirs of a Gourmet Gash, in which he boasted of his sex life involving group sex, sex with an underage girl, and being urinated on. The book goes further to relay his colorful drug use.

In addition to his poor ethics, Davis was also a racist. Obama himself reported in his book that “Frank” told him that black people “have a reason to hate [white people].”

FBI files on Davis confirm this attitude; one such file contains a message from Davis in which he states:

In addition to muffing a chance for moral leadership, we have given the
colored people of the globe still another count against the US as a nation. The US is considered to be a White Man’s country. You may be sure that the spectacle of white Americans shooting down the Orientals of North Korea will not be ignored by the rest of Asia and Africa who are struggling to throw off the yoke of what they call ‘White Imperialism.’

Davis hated “white America” for coming to the defense of South Korea. FBI files show that one of Davis’s tactics was to incite anti-white, racial-hatred among blacks in Hawaii, apparently as part of an effort to recruit them into the Communist Party. FBI files also relayed that Davis was unable to get his articles published by a union newspaper because they considered him to be an “Haole (Caucasian) hater.”

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