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Is Obama’s DHS Helping Illegal Aliens Commit Voter Fraud?


As with all of Obama’s major voting blocks, Hispanics have begun to drift away from The One. They have come to recognize that they were mistaken to think Obama’s Marxist economics would help them prosper and reach equality in our society.

Nevertheless, as a good little socialist, nothing stops Barack Obama from lying to anyone, so Hispanics have achieved at least this much: they are being lied to just as everyone else is being lied to by Obama.

Lies in the ICE Report

When fiscal year 2011 ended last month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton told the world his agency had “deported more than 396,000 illegal immigrants nationwide.” This, we are told, is far more than George Bush deported in 2008. Claiming the increase was the result of “smart and effective” enforcement at a press conference, Morton skipped the news that his own people have given him a “no confidence” vote, because they know his numbers are erroneous.

To appear to be doing more than he is, Morton counted voluntary surrenders made by now-stranded and desperate Mexican illegal aliens. They can’t find work, and don’t want to enter into a life of crime to stay here, so they turn themselves in to get a free ride home.

The truth is that Obama has sharply curtailed the ICE workplace raids, which have been so effective at rounding up illegals and creating job openings for out of work American citizens.

What is true about the Obama administration’s Hispanic policy is that it is calculated to help his re-election campaign.

Consequently, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has announced that through the use of “prosecutorial discretion” she has effectively given license to illegal aliens to work here in America without fear of deportation. Presumably, they would merely have to vote for Obama and his party next year in return.

Since even the cooked books cannot hide a 9.1 percent unemployment rate and an economy in which at least 14 million American citizens are looking for work, what other explanation could there be?

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