Media Matters makes no secret of their main mission and tactics –“guerrilla warfare and sabotage” deployed to bring down Fox News in general and Glenn Beck in particular.

But just because your mission is clear, doesn’t mean that you are very good at waging the war.

Today Media Matters posted a story by anti-Beck activist Angelo Carusone. The story asserts that Glenn is losing radio station affiliates right and left. It specifically states that the Beck affiliate list is now short of the “400 station milestone.”

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The author issues a new demand:

Well, it’s time for Glenn Beck to update his website and marketing materials.According to industry data obtained by Media Matters, Glenn Beck’s radio program is now short of its heralded “over 400” affiliate status.  Asked to comment, Radio Business Reporter’s Carl Marucci echoed this finding, stating, “our best gauge right now is also shy of 400.”Media Matters already employs over 80 people in their crusade.  But this does not always guarantee accuracy.

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