Photo credit: Velo Steve (Creative Commons)

Should Congress begin debate on legislation to enact federal controls on hammers, bats and other readily available tools as a way to “end the violence”?

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According to the most recent statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more Americans commit murders with hammers than with “assault rifles” or other long guns.

FBI crime statistics show that in 2005, the number of murders with a hammer or other blunt object was 605. The number of murders by rifles was 445.

The numbers are roughly similar for every year through 2011, the last year figures are available. In 2011 there were 323 murders by rifle but 496 with hammers and other blunt objects.

The figures call into question the claimed relationship between the number of violent crimes and the availability of firearms.

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Read more at WND. By Michael Carl.

Photo credit: Velo Steve (Creative Commons)

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