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Is Congress Not Necessary Anymore?


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Our Fearless Golfer has said that if he can’t work with Congress, he will use Executive Orders to govern, or words to that affect. Leon Panetta told Congress in a recent hearing that the United States Military would first take its Marching Orders from the United Nations, then the Congress might be informed of what they are doing. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used “waivers” to circumvent Congress to give money, through the military, to Egypt. Therefore, the answer to the question is “yes.”

Lets get rid of the Congress. Send them all home, if they have one, and quit paying them that unbelievable amount of money. There would be no Congressional staff to pay, and the travel expenses would be saved. I would guess that each member of Congress costs more than $300,000 per year if we add in the staff, insurance, and retirement. Multiply that by 535, the current number of members, and we have substantial savings. Additionally, they would have to get real jobs and become productive members of society. Personally, I think that Maxine Waters, Shelley Berkeley, and Nancy Pelosi would look good with their brooms out sweeping the sidewalks.

Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex and its quest for power and control of our government. Kennedy heeded the warning and was brutally murdered for his efforts. Kennedy desired to end the war in Vietnam, end the Crowd of Imbecilic Agents (CIA), and print American money, any one of which would bring a death sentence.

The United States Congress has abdicated to the King imported from Kenya. All but three members of the House of Representatives voted for limiting free speech. It is what Gingrich called for in one of the debates. The Kenyan beat him to it, but it shows that they are thinking along the same lines. Santorum has praised the amendment written by McCain that gives the President the power to kill any American anywhere in the world, if they are suspected of terrorism.

The Military Industrial Complex has complete control of our government. Our industry builds bombs that are used by the Military to blow up bridges, then our industries get to rebuild them (only to have the military blow them up again.) It also helps with the lessening of the world population that is so popular with Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and George Soros. It was also popular with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

I would urge you to watch this video. It is less than twelve minutes long. It is gruesome. It is reality, and reality sometimes is gruesome.

“War is sometimes deemed necessary to eradicate evill, but almost without exception, it always creates far more evil than it cures.” -Pat Kerby

Robert Walker

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