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So back to my young friend who must wait tables to survive the IRS’s predation. Making the web are anecdotes about Lois Lerner’s $1.25 million mansion. And I think I read this correctly, that Senator Levin approached the IRS with the request that they provide extra scrutiny of Tea Party tax exempt applications.

Remember when Richard Nixon was almost impeached in part because he just suggested he might use the IRS against his enemies? Well, as crimes at the top of the IRS heap go into the recycle bins of Congressional do-nothings, earnest young men like my waiter friend suffer as a result of the corrupt arrogance on display by this agency.

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As I paid my bill and got up to leave, my friend asked me if I was a Republican. I said, “Yes, I always have been.” He said, “I am, too. . .I wonder,” he said. He wonders if it is because he is a Republican that the IRS has put him in their prison chains of tax obligations from which they will never allow him to escape. How cruel we’ve let this agency become.

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