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The IRS and Terrorists


Americans were livid when they found out the IRS was targeting conservative groups—using endless questionnaires to demand donor lists, political and family connections, Facebook posts, event records, transcripts of speeches, and even the content of their prayers! The IRS then put these endless questionnaires in the circular file for up to three years, and some conservative groups—specifically Tea Party groups—are still waiting for a resolution to their applications. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the targeting of conservative groups had a two-fold purpose that had nothing to do with determining conservative groups’ tax status: 1. To keep Tea Party groups busy filling out paperwork instead of organizing in order to neutralize them until after the 2012 election. 2. To collect opposition research on Obama’s political enemies.

At the same time, not one single progressive group was targeted by the IRS. Not one single progressive group received endless questionnaires. Not one single progressive group had to wait years for a determination of their tax-exempt status, but were fast-tracked in a period of months.  This included the Kenya-based Barack H. Obama Foundation headed by Obama’s half brother, Malik Obama. The Barack H. Obama Foundation was approved by none other than IRS poster girl Lois Lerner, personally approving it in a speedy thirty days! Lerner even went further, illegally backdating the application to 2008—a full three yearsallowing them to keep the thousands of dollars they had illegally collected.

But this is mild compared to what the IRS has been engaged in.  According to a report by WND.com,  an even more egregious act by the IRS regards CAIR —the Council on American Islamic Relations—whose tax-exempt status was revoked in June of 2011. Despite having failed to file annual tax filings for multiple years, in June of 2012, during the height of the Obama administration’s IRS attack on conservatives, the IRS secretly reinstated CAIR’s tax-exempt status despite Congressional investigations of the shady so-called Muslim “outreach” group.

This is the same CAIR that has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is the same CAIR that was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008/2009 Holy Land Foundation terrorist-funding trial. The Holy Land Foundation, posing as a Palestinian charity, was a conduit for funneling millions of dollars to the terrorist group HAMAS, the sister organization of Muslim Brotherhood.

This is the same CAIR that the Obama administration allowed to literally purge hundreds of pages of classified FBI training materials of terms like “jihad” and “Islamist,” in order to remove any words that Obama felt included so-called “Islamaphobic” terms.

Why was a terrorist front group’s tax exempt status reinstated? Perhaps we should ask the Obama administration: CAIR has had literally hundreds of meetings with the State Department, the FBI, and yes, even the White House! A terrorist front group in the White House? Unbelievably, yes!

What does this tell us about an administration that targets conservative Americans who stand up for the Constitution, that love their country, and embraces an organization tied to terrorists, tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has openly vowed to destroy the United States?

That Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor, that he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, and thus there is only one solution: Impeach him now—today.


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