Iranian TV Loves Soros Report on Islam


As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 was approaching, a new report from the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP) purported to examine a conservative network of people and groups described as “Fear Inc.” and said to be guilty of “Islamophobia” toward Muslims. The report seemed deliberately designed to take the attention away from events in the U.S. that were in progress to commemorate the deaths of almost 3,000 Americans killed by radical Muslims on 9/11.

On cue, another Soros-funded group, Media Matters, ran with excerpts from the report, emphasizing the “role played by right-wing media” such as Fox News in supposedly fanning the flames of “Islamophobia.”

But CAP has its own propaganda network, which includes foreign propaganda channels Al-Jazeera and Iranian Press TV, an official government-funded propaganda channel.

Press TV is an anti-Semitic channel that frequently blames Jews and/or Israel for what goes wrong in the world, such as the bombing of a Coptic Christian church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria earlier this year which left 21 people killed and another 80 Muslims and Christians wounded. Without any evidence, Press TV blamed the Israeli intelligence service and a “Zionist” plot. Most experts said al-Qaeda or an affiliate was responsible.

CAP’s “Think Progress” affiliate notes with pride that the “Fear Inc.” report’s authors have appeared on, Al Jazeera English, Current TV, and have done radio interviews. It says that print media outlets such as The Jewish Daily Forward, The Atlantic,, The Washington Post and The Nation ran articles on the report’s findings.

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